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Comment: I really hate the UI (Score 1) 117

by Marqis (#41399805) Attached to: Game Review: <em>Borderlands 2</em>

I really can't stand the new UI. Slightly isometric, wobbling, with your character covering part of your inventory? The fonts are tiny, gun pics are tiny. Even the "manual" has the tiniest fonts ever. Would it have broken the bank to have one extra page and a 10pt font?

The previous UI was better in every way and it wasn't great.

I'm also unimpressed with the Angel. She just kinda stares at you, the previous one had much more "personality" (and better looking in my opinion). And the whole "damn, I mean drat". Um... wasn't Borderlands targeted towards an older crowd? "Damn" is barely PG13 let alone mature.

Having said that, I liked the original and I'm liking this one.

And the ability to turn off radios? Love it. Granted the two I've found weren't actually playing anything. But the radios in the first game made me want to kill. Real people.

I know the whole random guns thing is pretty much the entire point of Borderlands but it's also very frustrating. In the original I remember almost giving up because the game was so hard and then I find a new gun and the game became downright easy for the next 3 levels. So what I really want is a gun system ala race-car-driving game. Get a basic gun frame, then buy/quest upgrades to it. Rescue a gunsmith, he can tune the barrel for more accuracy, something like that. Basically, make the game a bit more deterministic and less random.

But seriously, did some intern design that the UI? An intern with a lazy eye, that
drank a bottle of hot-sauce and then took a big dump of sadness all over it?

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