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Comment: Re:Criminalization of homelessness (Score 1) 939 939

I walk by piles of homeless people's feces on my way from the parking garage I use in the mornings to the building I work in every morning (Downtown, Houston TX) and I wish they'd criminalize the homeless. This shit (literally) is getting out of hand. On the North side of downtown there's a small army of bums who wander the streets constantly looking for handouts and shitting/pissing in every flower bed, parking lot, and alley they can find. These aren't "poor unfortunate families facing hard times" either. They're fucking hobos who spend whatever you give them on alcohol and drugs. I know this because I watch them go into the little no-name liquor store that opened right across the street from the community center (translation: "handout factory") and watch the police bust them for drugs daily. I don't want to sound like a completely heartless asshole (I'm only mostly a heartless asshole) and I get that "poor unfortunate families facing hard times" exist, need help, and should be assisted in getting back on their feet but there are too many lazy SOB's just getting wasted and high using the few systems we have in place to help those the legitimately needy to subsidize their leeching lives.

Comment: Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692 692

Granted these are all daunting challenges and working out how to get that many people off the planet in city sized starships is going to be close to impossible. All I ask is that if it does somehow happen the starships be shaped like giant guitars. If we can overcome all the other challenges this should prove to be a small matter.

Comment: Re:Rich Family Dies, World At Peril!!! (Score 2) 184 184

There's actually nothing degrading about a handout. Nothing at all. I get so sick of hearing this bullshit. If there was no "subsistence and degrading handout" people who think it's degrading would be complaining that there wasn't even a system in place to provide these people with even a subsistence level handout. What's degrading is being satisfied with a handout. Coming to expect the handout and refusing to work hard to improve your lot in life is degrading and people bring that on themselves all the time. Before you take me to task for anything understand that I grew up as poor as anyone in the United States you can point to. Go ahead and find an example and I can most likely match them or put them to shame. My family lost everything when I was growing up and the one thing we didn't do was lay down and accept a handout. My mom refused food stamps when we could have used them. She never went on welfare and she only accepted unemployment grudgingly. She beat the fucking bushes for work and never gave up. My brother is the first person in my family to get a college degree and he did it working full time paying his way as he went. I have literally gone to work with a broken back (wasn't aware of it at the time). Fuck the poor who spend their lives crying about what they don't have and how unfair it is. Everything they could ask for is there for the taking in the US if they will just get up on their feet and work for it.

Comment: Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 618 618

Yeah, I can sympathize that web sites need money, but if you're allowing ad services to serve scam ads then you've really lost your footing. If there's more ads than content by screen area, then you're not in the content business, you're merely an ad pusher.

And most ad networks are trying to show me the same ads on every site. They also use photos that have nothing to do with the allegedly advertised service, like they picked a random viral photo and stuck their ad under it. Then there's so many ads for various kinds of woo that won't solve the problem they claim to solve. Then there's the ad that "people from your nearby town(s) are scandalized by this one web site". "Don't eat this one food" showing a banana, which is false. Video ads on a site only offering static content is also wildly out of place.

Comment: I had this happen to me several years ago (Score 5, Interesting) 190 190

The amount only came to a few thousand dollars and it was done with a series of fake checks that the thieves printed up themselves and passed off at stores that were known at the time not to use any kind of check verification system but it still screwed my life up for months and even then nobody was really interested in catching the people who did it. The stores had pictures of them and everything but didn't pursue it (to my knowledge). My bank only wanted to get me to sign statements that I hadn't done it and they reimbursed my account all the money that had been taken.

Comment: Re:One (Score 1) 301 301

If it's in reference to the new MacBook, the adapter hub would connect power, an external display and a USB jack, all that in one click. So you don't need to connect a bunch of devices individually. I recall the power adapter splits out a USB jack as well.

On Windows tablets, you might find adjusting the control panel settings to suit. I find on Windows or Mac, I like to dial the settings a bit to be more to my preferences anyway.

Comment: It's called protecting America (Score 3, Interesting) 209 209

When they're looking at you, fine. But congress freaked out when the CIA was looking at THEM. It's fair to say they think rules are great for us, but they should be held to a different arbitrary self made standard when it comes to applying the law to themselves:

Comment: Re:Must hackers be such dicks about this? (Score 1) 270 270

... Unless he "agreed" to it in the context of a consent decree, that conversation has no more legal binding than agreeing to "keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble". ...

Might be more rules with the police, but at least with private parties in Colorado a verbal agreement is a legally binding contract.

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