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The Internet

+ - Porn domain decision due

Submitted by Rob
Rob writes: The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to hold a definitive vote on whether the internet should have a porn-only .xxx top-level domain at a board meeting this Friday. The ICANN board has considered the .xxx domain on a number of occasions. It even voted it down once, but the matter was subsequently re-opened, giving the excuse that the earlier vote was not a final-final decision.

+ - Best Buy acquires Speakeasy

Submitted by
Morrigu writes: "From the press release:

"MINNEAPOLIS, March 27, 2007 — Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) has agreed to acquire Speakeasy, Inc., one of the largest independent broadband voice, data and IT service providers in the United States."

I've always liked Speakeasy as an ISP and don't care much for Best Buy; it'll be interesting to see where this goes."

+ - Creationism - Muslim Style!

Submitted by Ohiosan
Ohiosan writes: Once the specter was raised, it was bound to happen. Yahoo! News recently reported that a Muslim scholar in Turkey sent a book describing an Islamic view of creation to various schools in France. This prompted the Education Ministry to take the topic of science and evolution under review.

With many Christian conservatives pushing Creationism / Intelligent Design in the US, it will not be long before other religions try assert the views in the classroom as well. How far will it go before we have a battle royale of competing views being taught in the classroom?

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