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Comment: Re:remember when slashdot was good?! (Score 1) 1052

by Markdavie (#41384055) Attached to: Apple Announces iPhone 5
It's a shame that Apple has been so focused on litigation or they might have released a good product. Instead, they just made a bigger, slimmer phone (didn't Samsung patent that). Where was the software or hardware innovation that makes this product better than anything else on the market? They have maps now, well, welcome to 2009 on Android. And don't try to tell me about the panoramic camera, it's still 8MP and their face recognition is way behind the pack as well. Actually I think most people will simply buy this because of the name. However, without a significant improvement in the next 12 months Apple is going to really lose market share. Just my opinion, Mark at RDA.

Comment: Re:Nintendo will be bankrupt in 5 - 10 years. (Score 1) 132

by Markdavie (#41384001) Attached to: Can Nintendo Court the Casuals Again?
Since you mentioned iPhones, I agree that the next portable consoles are going to have to adopt some tricks from the ultra competitive smart phone market or die. The main problem with game consoles is the difficulty in designing content for them, whereas any designer can with a bit of patience make an app which adds to the diversity of programs and possibilities of your device. The next consoles have to be made with social integration - much like current smart phones if they are to stay relevant and partake in the "free" advertising that is social media. - Mark Davie of Ross Davie Advertising

Comment: Re:Jumped the shark (Score 1) 132

by Markdavie (#41383943) Attached to: Can Nintendo Court the Casuals Again?
Nintendo is going to have an impossible mission ahead of them. On one hand, if they try to take on X-Box or Sony they will never match their technology or number of games/developer support and on the other hand the novelty that dragged in the casuals is no longer a novelty that is unique to Nintendo. Advertising Brisbane

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