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Submission + - The great HP disappearing toner caper

MarkTBSc writes: "Several months ago, my company completed its periodic replacement of all its printer systems and converted from Lexmark to HP exclusively. Many of us who had to handle jams, refills and other problems breathed a collective sigh of relief as the problem children were hauled off for recycling. However the new additions have had me scratching my head and thinking not entirely happy thoughts. Anyone who has had the task of refilling a printer knows that inks and toners don't deplete at the same rate. The Black will usually go first, then maybe Cyan or Magenta and then Yellow... Yet for some reason, this laserjet runs down its colours *precisely* in lockstep. Black runs out at its own rate, but the three colours — according to the supplies status page — are always precisely equal. This, of course, leads to simultanious replacement of toners that cost over £150 each. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is it just corrupt monitoring software, shoddy engineering or... Something I won't mention for having my bottom sued off. The stuff costs more than vintage champagne, could someone be drinking it?"

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