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Comment: Re: IP filters out, content filters to the rescue (Score 1) 233 233

Actually, if I had to guess, I'd say he was referring to the philosophical questions surrounding real AI.

However, I too would be inclined to go with the crazy, given that he has clearly not implemented a quality content filter - or at least has not done so correctly.

I run a content filter (bogofilter) in several very different environments. One in front of several personal email boxes, which I've never yet had a valid mail get filtered by, and I get high 99% filtering accuracy.

I have a dspam filter in another environment with a few people which has even more accuracy, but is tuned specifically by user, instead of covering multiple users.

My favorite handles around 7k messages per day, and about 20% of the email is users /reporting/ spam and phishing and other fraudulent emails they have received, and it can tell the difference between a user reporting it, and the actual spam itself. Further, this filter handles this in 17 different languages - including languages like japanese and chinese.

Content filtering works great - people are just too lazy to do the work it requires to configure it properly, and worse - to maintain it.

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