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Comment: firm prediction (Score 1) 59

by Maritz (#49813455) Attached to: LHC Season 2 Is About To Start Testing the Frontiers of Physics

You can see this best currently in Quantum Entanglement, which defies causality, shows effects which can be trivially explained with classical theory, and thus has become a sort of 'faith-based' science.

Rather than convincing me that all of particle physics is faith based, you've merely convinced me that you have a personal axe to grind. Unpersuasive.

Comment: Re:Creationism (Score 1) 445

by Maritz (#49782211) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

If scientists want to be taken seriously, they need to stop arguing the existence of a deity when 85% of the world's population believes in one.

Science has no opinion on the existence of God except where it is presented as a testable question (which it never is). Also, if you believe stuff just because other people believe it you're doomed to eternal ignorance.

If scientists want to be taken seriously, they have to stop worrying what stupid people think.

Don't worry, by and large, scientists give not a single fuck what 'stupid' people think. It might be better if they did, but they don't.

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