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Comment Re:space camp is neither space nor camp; discuss (Score 1) 115

It doesn't matter what an "administration" thinks about space anyhow. All the President can do is cheerleading. It's our legislative branch that keeps underfunding NASA, making sure that what funds they do provide are mostly earmarked to ensure that they go to the appropriate pork projects. Projects such as the Senate Launch System , which still lacks any real mission after it (someday) goes up for the first crewed test flight.

Right now the only purpose of SLS is to build SLS.

Great Freudian slip there!

Comment Re:As someone who has been hit by cars.. (Score 1) 696

If I had been hit 3 times by cars I know I'd have to take a look at what I was doing wrong. It might be their fault as you say but most cyclists seem to manage to wobble down the road without getting run over repeatedly. Not to mention that sooner or later it's going to be fatal. Think about it.

Don't be a dick. I can empathize with the AC you responded to. I once had an idiot driver actually lock eyes with me while I was riding down a main street, and yet he proceeded to pull out in front of me, essentially running (not fully stopping at) a stop sign, rolling, apparently thinking that cyclists have no rights over a car. I didn't have room to swerve to the left to avoid him, as there was a car on my left. I went over his hood and somehow managed to land on my feet. I would have ripped his head off right there when he claimed he didn't see me, but he hopped back into his car and fled the scene. My bike thankfully wasn't heavily damaged.

. Another time, while riding down a two-lane highway with my wife right in front of me, we had a driver blast by (we later found out he was drunk - and fleeing the cops) actually clipping my pedal. How I didn't go down from the glancing blow and the wind I'll never know. One more inch to the right and I would have been killed. I later found out from the cops he was clocked doing 85mph down that stretch of 55mph highway. He apparently hit another car earlier. He spent time in jail for that one.

Most serious adult cyclists do in fact have a better understanding of traffic laws than the average driver. They have to - or else them become victims of drivers with the situational awareness of a rock. Unfortunately natural selection is non-discriminating.

Comment Re:50% is lost in AC to DC conversion? (Score 1) 466

Typical 12Vdc smart battery chargers used in the marine and RV industry are more than 80% efficient - the Magnum Energy MS2812 inverter/charger I have installed on my sailboat is 85% efficient when charging the batteries (converting 120Vac to 13.8Vdc) and 88% efficient when inverting (taking 12Vdc nominal and converting it to 120Vac).

Comment Re:The coming AI will fix it (Score 1) 637

Ah, the old Zeroth Law of Robotics: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

So the AI won't melt its positronic brain when it deduces that by eliminating sufficient #'s of humans, it actually saves humanity! They're here to save us from ourselves by killing us. Brilliant!

All hail our positronic savior AI overlords!

Comment Re:The real gravest threat (Score 1) 637

I thought you guys believed in the immortal soul of man. You know, an eternity burning in Hell if you didn't accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour? Or an eternity in Heaven eating grapes and playing the lyre if you did?

Perhaps deep down you're really a Hindu like your pseudonym "reboot", and you're continually reborn to try one more lifetime to get it right? Will this life be the one?

Comment Re:Umm, what? (Score 5, Interesting) 395

The US mortgage industry single-handedly is keeping facsimile alive and well. Anyone who's bought a house lately can attest that they have no clue about PII in unencrypted e-mails, and think nothing of asking you to print out, sign and initial a 60 page document, then fax it back to them. And then they have the gall to complain when you reduce their 8.5 x 14 legal size documents to 8.5 x 11 because your $99 inkjet printer/scanner can't handle legal size.

With throwback companies like that, you'd never know that the mortgage industry is the major backer behind DocuSign. Another reason why banks should issue you a digital certificate when you open an account. If the US Government can implement PKI for their own use, surely the more nimble private marketplace can do the same... /s

Comment Re:I don't understand the big deal (Score 1) 83

Current hysteria sounds like assassins can use the pump to kill their targets and avoid discovery, which unless answers are "yes" and "yes" is false, or at least no worse than current medical devices.

Maybe the pump is crap, but the security researcher here is more crap, and /. peanut gallery is worst crap.

That is in fact what the researcher is saying - the answers are yes and yes. By simply gaining access to any configured PCA pump, whether it's in hospital inventory, on any patient (including an attacker admitted as a patient), an attacker can remotely manipulate any identical PCA pump on the "secure" wireless network. And as others have said, since these pumps generally dispense opioid pain killers, it would be trivial to kill most any patient attached to one.

What you're advocating is security by obscurity. Since this flaw is no longer obscure, the pump is no longer secure. Oh God, I'm channeling Johnny Cochran during the OJ trial.

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