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Comment: Re:Settle down, everyone. (Score 4, Insightful) 227

by Marianne013 (#41692875) Attached to: Twitter Censors German Neo-Nazi Group, Within Germany

So...Germany is another country without free speech guarantee laws?

Correct. Germany, like most countries, has never recognized freedom of expression as a basic human right. Frederick the Great regularly pardoned people that violated the lese-majesty laws, but most other Germans have been less tolerant.

Article 5 of the German constitution would contradict that, but don't let facts get in the way.

+ - Nicola Cabibbo dies aged 75->

Submitted by Marianne013
Marianne013 writes: Nicola Cabibbo who at least in the particle physics community (though not by the Nobel prize committee) is considered one of the main contributors on understanding the weak interaction of quarks died August 16th. His (perceived) snub by the Nobel Prize committee in 2008 caused considerable uproar in the particle physics community at the time though he never commented.
He was also president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences .

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Comment: Re:Why 'girl'? (Score 1) 187

by Marianne013 (#32280388) Attached to: Australian Women Fight Over "Geekgirl" Trademark

Why do women, even the most intelligent ones, tend to use the word girl in their names?

Answer: They don't. I find it quite offensive to be called a girl no matter what the context. I cringe when allegedly grown-ups use it to describe themselves. My four year old is a girl, I am not (any more and haven't been in along time). On that note, I am not 'Miss' either. I am a grown woman who happens to be good with computers.

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