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Comment: Re:Incompetence vs Conspiracy (Score 1) 236

It's a matter of timing. You can't make any money on a film in the US when all three major theater chains pull out. The revenue that's left from the small operators probably isn't enough to cover distribution and marketing costs.

On CNN, Sony's CEO said they really want to show the film, and I don't doubt that they do. But it's a business, so the business calculation is basically that they've got to show it at the right time and in the right media (screen, streaming, DVD, etc.) to maximize their audience and revenue. The original date of December 25 that has been threatened isn't the right time, now that the theater chains have pulled out, but the right time will come, maybe soon. In any event, at least a few of the North Korean people will get to see it when DVDs eventually get sent to them via balloon. Hopefully, it isn't as bad of a movie as the reviewers (and the trailer) suggest. Those poor folks deserve some quality entertainment.

Comment: Re:Supreme Leader (Score 1) 177

by Marginal Coward (#48640217) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

Personally, I think this is actually a conspiracy by the North Koreans to make us think the Americans did it. You see, the North Koreans hatched a scheme to do something that looks like a scheme that the Americans would cook up just so they could blame it on the North Koreans. At least that's what I come up when I shave it with Occam's Razor.

Don't feel bad for falling for it, though - the North Koreans are exceedingly cunning and circumlocutious.

Comment: Re:Supreme Leader (Score 1) 177

by Marginal Coward (#48640199) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

It seems to me that all the speculation that was in the news recently about Kim's disappearance from public life and his possible overthrow was far more damaging to the cult of the Supreme Leader than some silly comedy.

With thinking like that, clearly you don't have what it takes to make it in the Dictator business.

BTW, has anybody seen Chaplin's "The Great Dicatator"? It's truly a masterpiece. Then again, Seth Rogen ain't no Chaplin... Of course, I haven't seen "The Interview", but it flunks what I call "The Trailer Test." Typically, they put the highlights of a movie in the trailer, so if the trailer isn't funny/interesting/appealing, there isn't much hope for the rest of the movie. And so it is with "The Interview." And from some of the reviews I've read, the critics agree.

Makes you wonder if the North Korean leaders even understand that the best thing to do about a bad movie that offends you is just ignore it, rather than to give it lots of publicity. But when I put on my totalitarian hat, we must, without doubt, stamp out any offense to our Dear Great Supreme Leader Dictator, at any cost!

Comment: Re:Life form? (Score 1) 386

I forget what the exact definition of "life form" is, but IIRC, one of the factors is reproduction. Using just that criteria, a robot that builds a car doesn't qualify as a life form, but a robot that builds another robot like itself does. Likewise, any 3D printer that can print a duplicate of itself qualifies. We may be getting close to that without aliens even becoming involved. I, for one, welcome our new printed overlords.

Comment: Re:Who wants a watch that you have to recharge dai (Score 1) 229

by Marginal Coward (#48630997) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

I guess I look at it the other way around. I have a very nice 10-year-old Seiko electro/mechanical watch whose battery is a royal pain to both buy and change every year or so (in this case, at least.) Alternatively, I've used a GPS fitness watch in the past few years that needed to be charged every few days, though it only lasts an hour or so if you actually run the GPS. However, once I got in the habit of just charging it every night along with my phone, that's wasn't a big deal.

I honestly can't understand why it's so much harder to charge a phone and a watch every night than it is to charge a phone alone. If there were such a thing as a phone that ran for two years without charging, I could see your point. What an inconvenience to have to plug in a phone every night! But everybody's used to that by now, because it's just a reality with current battery and phone technology.

And note that using your notion of "archaic", one could make the point that the current smartphones are archaic compared to the old feature-phones that only needed to be charged every few days. But even when I had one of those, I charged it every night just so I didn't have to think too hard about whether it needed charging or not. Not a big deal once you get used to it.

While we're at it, don't you just hate it that teeth need to be brushed every night? - that's why I'll never own teeth again!

Comment: Re:Who wants a watch that you have to recharge dai (Score 1) 229

by Marginal Coward (#48629101) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

Every night, I set my (dumb)watch next to my phone as I plug in the phone to charge. It wouldn't be a hardship for me (or most folks) to plug in their watch at night for charging right alongside their phone.

Then again, the smartwatch people evidently think it's too much trouble to pull their phone out of their pocket whenever the poor little thing gets upset about something and demands instant attention. So, maybe you're right.

Comment: Re:Land of the free (Score 1) 579

by Marginal Coward (#48626697) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Am i the only one wondering if this is just a hoax from Sony/the authorities

This reminds me of something that a Coke executive said following the New Coke fiasco regarding the conspiracy theories that appeared when sales of Old Coke subsequently spiked: "We're not that dumb, and we're not that smart."

Comment: Re:I don't see the big deal here. (Score 1) 182

by Marginal Coward (#48625275) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

I interpret this quite differently. This can be viewed as a childish act of vanity by a child and the country he happens to rule. Or, it can be viewed as a preemptive strike against future DVDs of "The Interview" raining down upon the country from balloons in order to create unrest among The People. Or, it can be viewed as a message to enemies of all kinds, including other nations. Basically, if they're willing to put their (cyberattack) cards down for a mere movie, the message is, "Don't mess with us." This is particularly ominous coming from people who have nuclear weapons and missiles.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be real surprised if one of the principle actors in the film were to suffer some sort of unfortunate "accident" in the very near future. If so, we can interpret that as part of the message.

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