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Comment: What Apple .. do.. app quality. (Score 1) 234

by aliquis (#47569943) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

On Steam there's the Greenlit section.

Only vote for what you want, don't vote for the rest.

However it's abused by developers and bundle makers in that the developers may for instance run a contest where you're supposed to vote it up to be part of it or the bundle makers promising Steam keys if the game is greenlit.

Hence you get votes for shit.

If it was more restrictive and shit wasn't let it that might had been a good thing.

Alternative is to put badges on all the titles where you put gold badges on actually good products played by many, silver on other good/decent products and nothing on the rest or something such.

Comment: Re:5% efficacy, steal away (Score 1) 181

But.. But..

The true racists - you know the ones who don't just want to have their country left alone and finance others - would tell you the Chinese simply can't make anything useful! Ever!

(As they likely did with the Japanese and so on, heck,in the UK people likely still consider their military superior! (OH NO I I DIDN'T?!))

Comment: Re:Should Hate be left alone? (Score 1) 509

Don't expect the hate to end just because you remove peoples chance to vent their opinion.

I think it should be there and allowed simply because it's opinion and people talking to each other and yeah. Tough like if you don't like them.

As is the communication media is owned by private companies and we've got random individuals censoring the communication and peoples ability to make themselves heard.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." - Bert Lantz