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Comment: Best news I've heard in a while (Score 2, Insightful) 250

by Maquis196 (#45855703) Attached to: China: The Next Space Superpower

Nothing seems to get goverments spending money on space like any kind of race. Just a shame China don't just say "Mars would look great in China Red", that would soon get the budgets for NASA and to a smaller extent ESA raised a bit.

Rather co-operation on this, I know there is some. A Chinese moon base? Like America would let that stand!

Comment: Its what we had! (Score 1) 285

BIt of a pointless exercise this, I grew up playing Sonic, Gods, Falcon 16 CGA because that's what I had, why push my childhood on my kids? Nostalgia blinds us to the games we play (although some of them are truely classics imho).

When my daughter is ready, she can play games, but like other posters have said, I want her outside getting hurt playing in dirt first. She has her entire life to sit behind an organic stretchable LED display.

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