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Comment Re:This is outrageous (Score 1) 274 274

I'm a writer who works in the entertainment industry, though not currently as a writer. I am, however, in line for a writing position, provided our show does well. I think there's a lot of animosity on /. toward those of us who may be tech-minded nerds that followed a liberal arts path. Really, we're not all that different from the truly talented programmers, engineers, and security experts. We're all trying to make good products that people want/need, while adhering to industry accepted standards.

Comment Re:Nuts (Score 1) 321 321

It's not about convincing them (because you can't), it's about the people reading. Remember the idea that lurkers outnumber commenters by ~10:1. It's better to engage for as long as your patience permits, lest readers who don't know any better fall for the truther's nonsense.

Comment Re:Or, alternately ... (Score 1) 389 389

But we don't have to tear down the world and rebuild in this instance.

The roads are already there. The fossil fuel stations are already there, and the electric stations are being built now. The factories that make the bulk of the hardware are already there. All that's left is to replace the vehicles themselves, and that can be done piecemeal. Hell, some people trade up to the newest model car every year.

Comment Re:What about all the competing content sources? (Score 4, Funny) 415 415

Yes, maybe we could consolidate them all into some sort of bundle. Perhaps with differently priced tiers; cheaper tiers get access to less content than more expensive tiers. Why, with this model, you could even have some less popular services subsidized by the purchase of more popular services.

Thank God we've finally cut the cord!

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