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+ - Algae and Light Help Injured Mice Walk Again->

Submitted by Mantrid42
Mantrid42 (972953) writes "Researchers have been able to affect the brains of lab mice using light. Working in a new field called Optogenetics ("optical stimulation plus genetic engineering"), scientists injected lab mice with genes that can stimulate or inhibit neural activity based on the color of the light they're exposed to, and can be targeted to infect only on certain cell types. Additionally, another gene has been added to make neurons glow green when firing, allowing two-way communication between a brain and a machine."
Link to Original Source

+ - MySpace Virus author "Sammy" Pleads Guilty

Submitted by
Mantrid42 writes "Last year, Samy Kamkar unleashed a cross-site scripting worm onto MySpace dubbed the "sammy virus". This attack did no more than cause every infected user to automatically add Kamkar to their friends list, and at the end of the "Heroes" section of their profile, tacked on "but most of all, Samy is my hero". Today, MySpace won a suit against Kamkar.

From the article:
Kamkar, using a programming technique known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX) that permitted browsers to execute malicious code, was able to circumvent MySpaces strong JavaScript filters.

MySpace filed a lawsuit against Kamkar, one of a slew of civil actions the company is taking against criminals who exploit the sites tens of millions of users.

"MySpace is committed to protecting our community from any abusive misuse of the site," the company said in the statement.

Kamkar is reportedly banned from accessing the internet for personal reasons for an unspecified amount of time. Doesn't it sound like MySpace is coming down a little hard on someone who did no more than expose a security hole, and have a little harmless fun?"
Wireless Networking

+ - School Bans WiFi due to Health Concerns

Submitted by Mantrid42
Mantrid42 (972953) writes "Schools in the UK are getting rid of their WiFi network, citing health concerns from parents and teachers. One grandparent of the students said, I did not want Sebastian exposed to a wireless computer network at school. No real evidence has been produced to prove that this new technology is safe in the long term. Until it is, I think we should take a precautionary approach and use cabled systems.

It should be noted that most wireless routers output less energy than most cell phones."

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