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Comment: It's a Good Life (Score 1) 254

by Mantrid42 (#49503463) Attached to: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

They have to think happy thoughts and say happy things because once displeased, the monster can wish them into a cornfield or change them into a grotesque, walking horror. This particular monster can read minds, you see. He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion. Oh yes, I did forget something, didn't I? I forgot to introduce you to the monster. This is the monster. His name is Anthony Fremont. He's six years old, with a cute little-boy face and blue, guileless eyes. But when those eyes look at you, you'd better start thinking happy thoughts, because the mind behind them is absolutely in charge. This is the Twilight Zone.

Comment: Re:the US 'probably' wont use a nuke first.... (Score 4, Interesting) 341

by Mantrid42 (#49334105) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb
For some perspective, in preparation for Operation Downfall, 500,000 Purple Hearts were made. They made so many that we were still using that same batch in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2000s.

THAT'S how many people were expected to be wounded, let alone killed, and that was just the American side of the conflict.

Comment: Re:Underlying problem (Score 1) 130

by Mantrid42 (#49307411) Attached to: ISPs Worry About FCC's 'Future Conduct' Policing
The hell? You're acting like decency standards in television broadcasting are totally random. There are greater restrictions for broadcast network television (the Big Four, among others), looser restrictions for cable (since you elect to get it), and a "safe harbor" from 10 PM to 6 AM where those restrictions are relaxed (like the brief nudity in NYPD Blue).

It's not like they randomly retroactively fine people.

Comment: Re:Do I understand this correctly? (Score 1) 1089

by Mantrid42 (#49299255) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US
If you're forced to drag your ass all the way down to the polling place, I'm betting more people will actually vote for the candidate/ballot measures that reflect their views. Forcing someone to vote for any candidate when they believe in none of them (Lebowski) is unethical, so if you really, really want to protest all of them, this is your option.

It's also a useful thing to measure: you can see just how much of the population essentially cast a vote of no confidence for the whole system.

Comment: Re:and what will happen to people automated out of (Score 1) 341

That's why you shame places that won't get with the program: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B...

When every American housewife understands that the Blue Eagle on everything that she permits into her home is a symbol of its restoration to security, may God have mercy on the man or group of men who attempt to trifle with this bird.

Comment: Re:and what will happen to people automated out of (Score 2) 341

I have a solution: raise wages, shrink the work week. It worked after the Great Depression. Minimum wage came into existence, work weeks were reduced from 60 hours to closer to 40, and you got a blue eagle label for your business if you complied, to add social pressure.

The idea that everyone needs to be working 40 hours a week in our modern, increasingly automated world is absurd. Productivity has done nothing but go up for forty years. Remember the dream of a world where people could pursue hobbies and have more leisure time, away from work, because we designed machines to do the hard work for us? It's basically here, but we're all operating under this crazy mentality that we should be working eight hours a day, five days a week, if not more. And you know what more free time means? More time for people to innovate and invent. There are tons of brilliant people out there with a great idea for a new product or new business, but they don't have the time to pursue it.

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