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Comment Time (Score 1) 211

They'll help me reclaim the hours I spend every day in traffic. Safety and speed will be nice, but those won't be significant until most of the cars on the road are autonomous. Until then, I'll be more than happy with the extra time to sleep, read, write, watch TV, play games, and so on.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 1) 239

No, I mean each individual needs to be all of those things, because "rugged individualism" doesn't work in harsh environments like space. For every two or three men we sent up in a tin can in the early days of space flight, there were scores of people supporting them on the ground.

But please, go on insulting me for no reason. You're making a good case for yourself and people like you to be shipped off-world.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 1) 239

1. If Armstrong found gold on the moon, and the same amount of gold was brought back as the lunar samples that were retrieved, (382 kilos), at today's gold cost, it would be worth $13,297,026.54. Against the total cost of the Apollo program, adjusted for inflation, that would leave them (in today's dollars) around $136b in the hole.

2. I sure hope each of those "rugged individualist libertarians" are simultaneously physicists, engineers, pilots, botanists and doctors, because otherwise they're not getting far in space all on their own.

Comment Re:Bad framing (Score 1) 246

When you're poor. When you don't have $400. Not like you have $400 in savings that you shouldn't touch, when you literally do not and can not get together $400. You just soldier on and try to survive without health care because you literally can not afford it. You postpone it because there is no other option.

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