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Comment Re:Suckers (Score 1) 59

That's a neat trick there were you chose the most expensive installation. A few posts here have already said it only cost them 200$ (presumably the "no-complications" price.) 200$ one-time + 45$ a month is a drop in the bucket for AirBnB houses than regularly make 4k+ a month. Explain to me how that's not worth it on the whim alone. And that's 45$ on somebody who probably favored renting your place because of the charger if it's being used. If nobody bites, 200$. That's peanuts.

Comment Re:Now that's just evil (Score 1) 515

> Playstation 4 runs on the BSD kernel so obviously games can and do run better on Linux/BSD than Microsoft shitware.

Well that's a stupid example. The PS4 SDK and toolchain is Windows only. In fact, every game that you run on PS4/XBone/Nintendo platforms is developed in Windows. (To say nothing of the art tools used to make these games, many of which are also Windows only.)

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