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Comment: Re:that's sorta the problem (Score 1) 188

by Man On Pink Corner (#48011151) Attached to: NVIDIA Begins Requiring Signed GPU Firmware Images

What people are missing is that market segmentation is what counts, not how many chips fall into which bins. If the company sells ten times as many inexpensive GPUs as expensive ones, but the yield on the production floor is more like ten good chips for every crippled one, then it's not hard to imagine that most of the cheap cards will end up with perfect chips.

The market detects this sales strategy as bullshit and routes around it.

Comment: Re:Science creates understanding of a real world. (Score 1) 770

by Man On Pink Corner (#47856883) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

We are guided by consensus a thousand ways every single day, but it's only climate science where people seem to get bent out of shape.

Because trillions of dollars' worth of economic rewiring is being called for on the basis of climate science.

An environmentally-friendly scientist once said that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." I've never been a fan of that because at the end of the day, "extraordinary" is just somebody's value judgement. But when objectively extraordinary demands are being made, then it seems like a good time to start demanding extraordinary certainty. The language of consensus is not sufficient, because throughout history there are far too many instances of "97% of scientists" agreeing on things that turned out to be completely wrong.

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And this doesn't even get into the mysterious ability of senior NSA officials in the Obama administration to lie to Congress with no consequences whatsoever.

Lie about playing baseball on steroids, and you're in a world of shit. Lie about grave Constitutional matters, and you're in good company.

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by Man On Pink Corner (#47679567) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

Would you do it if they were reading comic books about war?

If the US DoD were spending enormous amounts of money developing those comic books with the express purpose of making war look as glamorous and consequence-free as possible, then yes, I would still let my kids read them, because I disagree with intellectual censorship in any form, at any age. But you can bet I'd talk with them about what they were reading, who wrote it, and why they might have written it.

Comment: Re:Fiction. (Score 5, Interesting) 419

by Man On Pink Corner (#47679495) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

It's a grayer area than that. Blasting Nazis on Mars or whatever was one thing, but the US Department of Defense now throws millions of dollars at game developers, tasking them with making war look like just another extreme sport.

IMHO (and in the opinion of most credible researchers) even these games are not directly psychologically damaging to young people. But I don't like the message they are engineered to send. It sounds like this father has found a great way to give his kids an inside look at the game they're really being trained to play.

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