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Comment Re: What should happen but won't (Score 1) 629

The Senate Republicans problem is if they obstruct such a prominent nomination that long they take the chance of alienating moderates and independents in the upcoming election.

But if they don't, they risk losing the fanatic fringe. And fanatics are easier than moderates to get to vote for corporate interests over their own.

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 0, Troll) 629

This current congress is more intransigent than any congress we've had and they appear poised to get worse as they continue kicking out moderates (also known as people willing to govern rather than be controlled by ideology).

To be fair, putting ideological purity over everything else does reflect the will and nature of their voters. US has two right-wing parties, one of which has been taken over by fundamentalists of both secular and religious kind and another which pretends everything is normal for whatever reason. That's what you keep voting for, that's what you got. Enjoy.

Comment "living document" is a fraud (Score 1) 629

Calling a legal document a "living document" is just a way to ignore its legal meaning. How about I call my driver's license a "living document" to be interpreted differently as technology changes... And let's say that flying personal transportation devices which can be cheaply produced. Does that mean that my driver's license should give me the right to fly those? Because the license's interpretation should change with the changing times. This is nonsense. Scalia got some arguments wrong (as in "we can legislate morality because we already legislate morality"), but he certainly was correct in calling the living document theory a bunch of bull shit.

Submission + - US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died (

chill writes: Title says it all. How quickly can the Republicans turn this into a campaign issue? The opportunity to appoint a TRUE conservative to the court can't be left to Democrats.

He died on a hunting trip in Texas. No word yet on whether Dick Cheney was involved.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 2) 312

Literally every tool ever invented has cut out menial jobs and increased worker productivity. And we are better for it.

We are, after two world wars and communist and fascist revolutions. The people replaced by the machines and killed by the resulting social collapse weren't. Whatever good results from AI will happen long after our society, in which employment is the main source of income for most people and thus can't function with high unemployment, has crumbled and been replaced.

Comment Re:10% more transmittance for glass? (Score 3, Informative) 37

That is one of those Wikipedia articles which is a bit vague about what it means. It's doesn't make sense to intend to say that glass transmits 90% of incident light regardless of the thickness. The Wikipedia entry references a single optical "element", so I'd take "the transmissivity of one element (two surfaces) is about 90%," to mean that 10% is the lower limit of light loss for a single lens of arbitrary thinness.

Now if a very thin silica glass lens transmits 90% of the light falling on it, then clearly it'd be very difficult to conceive of a material that transmits 10% more light than that. However you can achieve whatever level of attenuation you wish by making your piece of glass sufficiently (possibly absurdly) thick. The three inch thick glass panes used in giant ocean tanks are noticeably more opaque than air. Clearly it's physically possible for a material to transmit 10% more light than the same thickness of glass -- for a sufficient thickness. Particularly if the index of refraction of that material is closer to air.

Of course that's where we get to the point that the summary is badly written too. Silica glass *is* very transparent; insufficient transparency isn't a problem in window applications, if there's a problem it's that the material is too transparent. That's why we have dark tinting and anti-IR coating. So it's not clear why we would care that the material can transmit 10% more light. Clearly the story got garbled somewhere along the way.

Comment Re:Get a feature phone, dumbass. (Score 1) 279

You know what's going to happen if you rely on a pager, don't you? Nobody will know how to contact you on that.

Which, indeed, is a feature -- not a bug. Anyone you want to reach you you give them the secret formula: call my pager's phone #, and when you hear the beep enter your phone number followed by #. Or if you need to send text, send an email to If you can't handle that I don't want to hear from you.

Oh, and a feature phone is fine solution if it's OK that you can't be reached when you're in a tunnel or some other places the VHF phone band can't reach but typical pager frequencies can.

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