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Comment: Re:Maybe in a different country (Score 1) 498

by Malizar (#49224189) Attached to: Mental Health Experts Seek To Block the Paths To Suicide
Kids die from a lot of preventable things. Based on CDC data, more kids commit suicide using suffocation than guns in the US. Does that mean we need to ban all plastic bags? And a lot of the deaths are over-inflated because they consider a 19 year old to be a child for their statistics.

Comment: Re:Blameless Random Employees? (Score 2) 343

I am sure their password policy is one of those "You have to change your password weekly, cannot use the same password you ever used before, must contain a random assortment of letters, numbers and symbols." kind of policies that makes people write their passwords down on a note under their keyboard.

Comment: Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 610

by Malizar (#48141423) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
AFAIK, all the climate projections could be wrong and we could be heading for another ice age that is only being delayed by our production of green house gases. There is really no good way to be 100% sure of the projections either way. That being said, we need to reduce how much we rely on non-renewable resources, and quit pumping garbage into the atmosphere, it stinks and it makes breathing difficult. In my view, the extremists on both sides of the issue are just as stupid. It's kind of like politics, the extremes are where the morons go, the moderates are where smart people go.

Comment: Re:the solution: (Score 5, Insightful) 651

by Malizar (#48038705) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine
And there were amendments made to the Constitution to eliminate slavery and give women the right to vote. Amendments are how the Constitution is a "Living" document. Just ignoring the parts you don't agree with is not how it is done. The right to bear arms was put in place to make sure the people never fell under the boot of the government, which means it was intended for us to have arms capable of standing up for our rights. You may be naive enough to trust the government, that does not mean others are.

Comment: Re:Just Another Sign That U-Verse Is A Failure (Score 1) 73

by Malizar (#46890709) Attached to: WSJ Reports AT&T May Be Eying a $40B DirecTV Acquisition
I would have to say I am happy with my U-Verse service at home. I was with TWC before, and they REALLY sucked. I had to reset my internet router multiple times a day, they sent technician after technician out to find the problem, and no luck. I switched to U-Verse and my internet has been down for about 15 minutes in the last 2 years.

Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

by Malizar (#46768729) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
I have never seen a death caused by a gun, many caused by humans using guns as a weapon. I have also seem men die because of words, does that mean words kill by your logic? Should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be curtailed because of the damage men cause using them?

Comment: Re:Fuck Obamacare (Score 1) 723

by Malizar (#46719629) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
Apparently the indoctrination has been successful with you. In reality the government's power derives from the people. The Constitution is not there to specify what rights the all-powerful government has deigned to grant upon us mere mortal citizens, it is in place to keep the government in check. It specifies what the government is allowed to do and what it is not allowed to do. Somewhere along the line the people forgot this and allowed the government to seize a great deal of power that is beyond it's authority.

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