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Comment: It's quite simple really... (Score 5, Interesting) 158

The people who developed the site are idiots... I was working with a client recently and discovered they had a problem with a web site they had to use. They were on IE11 and the web site only works with IE9 and I really do mean IE9 and nothing else. The service provider tech support said the solution was they would have to uninstall IE11 and then install IE9 Idiots, there is no other way of describing it, utter idiots. There is no good excuse for a website not to work in all major browsers, it really is that simple but then I'm just a guy who has to make sure the websites he develops work properly in order to get paid, these companies that provide websites for government departments at costs of millions or billions can get away with stupid shit like this because of the contracts they create.

Comment: So are they going to fix the issues wtih IE ? (Score 2) 138

IE 10 and IE 11 are significantly buggy and seem to have broken compatibility with older sites whereas FireFox and Chrome still work on those sites perfectly well. Of course Microsoft would say fix the site but when you are dealing with sites that provide services to your business stability is king, as a result we have managed to stop IE10/11 being deployed on any of the Win 7/Win XP machines in use. Microsoft dropping support for older browsers means we will stop using IE, we had already started installing Chrome for compatibility reasons, looks like its going to be chrome all the way. If Google and Mozilla can maintain a decent level of backwards compatibility why cannot Microsoft. Ties in with the decision to stick on Win 7 because Win 8/8.1 breaks some of our applications, there is no upgrade option on those applications, they were written eight years ago and they HAVE to keep working. Microsoft needs to realise the business community wants stability, they don't want shiny new UI's and whistles and bells.

Comment: Re:Vendors.... who needs them... (Score 1) 348

Oooh yeh I love VLAN's they make your network so secure..... not... VLAN is merely simple tagging of packets on the network, wire level packet capture stills gets all the packets from all the VLANs, if you are running a VLAN for security you are doing it wrong...

Comment: Speaking as someone in the industry (Score 5, Interesting) 39

by Malfuros the Wizard (#45399165) Attached to: Digital Textbook Startup Kno Was Sold For $15 Million
I create ebooks - specifically law ebooks, they are authored by a barrister who is very good at what he does. I run the technical side of things, we tried to make it easy for people to access the material, either via a website or on platforms like the Kindle, no DRM involved because as we all know DRM is useless anyway. After trying to do this for a few years my opinion is that its almost impossible to make money from it, mainly due to piracy. People wanted a cheaper alternative to textbooks that were tens if not hundreds of dollars to buy so we started creating ebook versions, all that happens is people rip us off, even if we are selling the books for $3 a piece. They also rip material off from our website, someone subscribes, pays for one account, then copies everything and distributes it via email. We at one point had Amazon remove some of our books from their store because they accused us of ripping someone else off, that only got rectified when we proved we were the original authors. I would love for there to be a DRM system that allowed people to use the ebook on any device of their choosing as long as it was their device, I dont care if people have several devices so long as they have paid me for their book. But it needs to be a DRM system that works, that is really locked down but that also allows people to sell or gift their books to others. But not to copy them freely and rip off small micro publishers like us. Sadly piracy is accepted as the norm, even when publishers are practically giving stuff away for free. People just share stuff, they dont think about what goes into creating the stuff they are sharing, they dont think that people need to make money from what they create in order to pay bills and mortgages. The original paper book is a fantastic device, you buy a copy, its yours to do with as you please, if you decide to give it to someone else or lend it to them then you can do so easily however you are giving away your copy, you cant create a copy of a physical book, at least not easily, thats is the inbuilt protection for the author and the publisher, the fact that is is a single item. Until the same principle exists in electronic publishing then it will be impossible to make money from it.

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