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Comment: Re:Ridiculous, but so are college degrees (Score 1) 173

by Malenx (#48343283) Attached to: Codecademy's ReSkillUSA: Gestation Period For New Developers Is 3 Months

I am incredibly glad that I earned my CS degree through a liberal arts college (Hope College). To this day, I feel the liberal arts requirements were just as valuable to my overall growth as my core CS classes were at helping me land a great job straight out of school.

Comment: Re:Good for you! (Score 1) 314

by Malenx (#43681693) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Becoming a Programmer At 40?

I'm a 31 year old married programmer just getting out of college and looking forward to kids soon. Working a nice 40 hour a week paid internship with decent money and moving into a full time gig starting with generous pay, salary, and pension system in a great mid sized company. All of the programmers on my team are 35+ years old in a very highly successful and growing company. The latest hire is a 60 year old main-framer who's looking forward to retirement in 5 years and just enjoying the work until then.

Terrible experiences being taken advantage of are no more the norm than great companies who do not age discriminate and offer great compensation, hours, vacation time, wages, and other benefits, they just get more attention.

Comment: Re:history repeating (Score 3, Interesting) 216

by Malenx (#43343643) Attached to: Why You Should Worry About the Future of Chromebooks

A large portion of consumers have repeatedly stated the Chromebook is exactly what they want. It's cheap, handles basic computing needs (word processes, etc), handles online streaming, and is nearly virus proof with little to no learning curve. There is also no slow degrade of speed over time as your not installing any software. For a lot of non-techies, it's a dream come true.

Looking forward to getting a few more bucks saved up to get my wife another as she's used her old Chromebook into the ground (the monitor is literally held on with tape as it was a beta product and she's a rough user).

You may not agree, but I find it hard to believe you formed your opinion on the realities of what the common computer user wants.

Comment: Loud Fan (Score 1) 561

by Malenx (#43178029) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Block Noise In a Dorm?

All you need is competing noise. Get a large fan and turn it up, most of the outside noises will be drowned out.

Also, a website like helps me a lot when I find myself wandering off into my thoughts.

If you listen to music and the voices are too distracting, just listen to good movie scores, classical soundtracks, or something orchestra based like or I find when I'm programming or studying, having complete silence is great. When I can't achieve that, then I need background white noise and voiceless music.

Just some thoughts based on what I've learned since attending College.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead