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Comment: Office 365 (Score 3, Interesting) 276

by Malc (#49664771) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Future of Desktop Applications?

Office 365 is a poor example. The web interface has definitely come a long way, but any serious work falls over. Maybe they'll get there, but for now, local apps integrated with the cloud backend seem to work better.

Write now I definitely wouldn't want to try working with RAW photos from a DSLR or edit high bitrate 4K video using a web app. Maybe in ten years, but then again, those digital formats will probably have moved on to another level by then too.

Oh and email: there's still definitely a need for offline access. Be it a tradition MUA or when on a mobile phone. Online isn't online enough even for this.

Comment: Re:= paracetamol (Score 5, Informative) 187

by Malc (#49468013) Attached to: Acetaminophen Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure, Study Finds

Growing up in the UK, I'd never heard of Tylenol until I moved to Canada as an adult. You occasionally hear it on American TV shows these days, but unless you know what the characters are referring to, it will just pass most people by. Even "acetaminophen" is an unknown term in the UK, it's always just "paracetamol"

Tylenol is most definitely a N. American thing that nobody else knows about. Panadol seems to be the generic antipodean headache drug - I know this because my wife is Aussie and after six years in London she's still confusing people by saying "panadol" instead of "paracetamol" :)

Comment: Re:Give "the cloud" a chance (Score 1) 446

I've found TrueCrypt to be unreliable and slow, and totally fails if you have large files (e.g. I have some 70+ GB video files). Then again, cloud storage isn't practical/cost effective for a personal user when you're dealing TBs or even hundreds of GB of data.

Comment: Re: Too many pixels = slooooooow (Score 1) 263

by Malc (#49425465) Attached to: LG Accidentally Leaks Apple iMac 8K Is Coming Later This Year

Apple's graphics pipeline is notoriously 8-bit. This is most noticeable for me in Lighroom in photos of glorious blue skies, with a smooth gradient from the horizon.

I am referring to MacBook Pros and can't speak for other devices. Disappointing that the "Pro" part of the name isn't very pro.

Comment: Casa Particulars (Score 5, Informative) 41

by Malc (#49391835) Attached to: As Trade Restrictions Crumble, Airbnb Offers Rooms In Cuba

Cuba is easy to travel around. Reserve a room in a casa particular in Havana before you arrive, or just turn up. After that, the owners will just call ahead where ever you want to go and help you out. Or take your chances and just turn up and see what you find.

I loved Cuba, but accessing Internet wasn't much fun (my mobile phone company charged through the nose, and the equiv of USD$10/hr at one of the rare internet cafes that barely worked wasn't worth it. Go to Cuba and enjoy the music, interacting with people and being generally unplugged.

Comment: Re:Old is new again (Score 1) 287

by Malc (#49333809) Attached to: Ford's New Car Tech Prevents You From Accidentally Speeding

Having owned or driven a few German cars, and I can tell you that speed limiters are no good if you don't live in Germany. My VW for instance was governed to 220 kph (the rating of the stock tyres) and had tyre pressure instructions inside the rim of the car door for speeds above/below 170 kph - I lived in Toronto at the time, where the speed limit on the fastest roads is 100 kph!

BTW, it seems fairly common in some cars, e.g. Audis, to have a speed warning buzzer. Maybe that's because they can go so damn fast without your realising.

Comment: Re: A turd by any other name (Score 1) 317

by Malc (#49281495) Attached to: Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand

As I remember, IE6 was actually the first decent version. Unfortunately it stuck around for years, without being updated, and under the eye of hindsight it appears pretty poor. The Netsape products from back then were equally as rubbish, but they were superseded more quickly. Firefox has technically stagnated more than IE ... that team still can't deliver the Electrolysis project, and is now definitely the weakest of the major browsers.

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