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Comment: Re:owners of older machines, behold... (Score 1) 177

by Malc (#48809159) Attached to: Firefox 35 Arrives With MP4 Playback On Mac, Android Download Manager Support

How's that Electrolysis project coming along? Will they ever be done?

I switched to a modern browser years ago simply because multi-process is better. With Firefox there is no way to know which tab is draining your battery or consuming all you memory. Actually memory stopped being an issue for me when I switched to Chrome, so perhaps Firefox was just leaking it everywhere, but being able to identify pages using a lot of CPU and selectively killing them is the must-have feature that all the other major browsers have had for years. The improved performance, stability and security is a bonus.

Mozilla devs and the Netscape ones before them never could get their heads past the whole monolithic process concept.

Comment: Re:Hybrids are where it's at (for me) (Score 1) 438

by Malc (#48464921) Attached to: How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive

Most big data is videos, photo and audio which are played sequentially or in big enough chunks like one photo at the time that random access times and IOPS don't matter, a defragged hard drive is simply perfect for the task.

Err, no. Depends on what kind of video you're doing. In the video world it's easy to end up bottlenecked by disk I/O.

HD resolution ProRes files for instance will tax any hard drive, requiring over 40MB/s (330mbs) throughput:

I'm working with 4K sources, of which some are uncompressed. You need RAID or SSD.

Comment: Re:Australia can get it right (Score 1) 145

by Malc (#48054191) Attached to: UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure

I've lived in Canada, Australia and the UK. I prefer the system in Ontario where they are completely anti adding private in to the mix (although every company offering medical benefits for prescriptions seems to get ignored by voters). Private isn't the answer, and there's probably more to the story than that in Australia. Ridiculous rules like catchment areas (finally abolished this October) and limited opening hours, as well as lack of proactivity are the biggest failings in the NHS that I see. On the other hand there are some good things, like the cost of prescriptions and the fact that you don't need any additional coverage (e.g. private insurance in Australia to cover co-payments)

Comment: Re:Australia can get it right (Score 1) 145

by Malc (#48045285) Attached to: UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure

It seems to me that healthcare in Australia is much more effort to participate in. They have some sort of copayment system, and most people on a reasonable income have to take out private healthcare insurance to cover this. So not quite as universal the NHS, or even a lot of Europe and large parts of Canada for instance.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 0) 197

by Malc (#48027613) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

Maybe they find it horrible because the UI was designed by a two year old? Actually, that not fair, I haven't used it since 2006, but the horrible user experience was the driving force behind my disgust with it. In fact only early today I was using WireShark on OS X and remembering years of being annoyed by the terrible UI toolkit and total incompetence of the people who put the UI together. WireShark reminds me of the last time I used GIMP.

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