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Comment: 5% for now...and that's still a lot. (Score 1) 211

by Maladius (#39225201) Attached to: After Complaints, AT&T Solidifies, Increases Data Limit

AT&T still maintains the position that less than 5% of its users exceed the 3GB threshold each month.

5% of users hitting 3GB this year means 25% of users will probably be hitting that data limit next year. The amount of data the average person is using is increasing at an incredible speed. To place a limit so low when use is increasing so rapidly makes no sense to me. Plus 5% of about 100 million users means there are 5 million people out there using that much data.

This isn't just an issue of slashdot-types hogging up the network. You're talking about average people at this point.

Comment: Re:Should have gone with single payer.... (Score 1) 1019

by Maladius (#37559098) Attached to: Healthcare Law Appealed To Supreme Court
FYI, as of right now the insurance companies are still denying people with pre-existing conditions. If you're under 19 they can't deny you now. But if you're over 19, you have to wait until Jan 1st 2014 before the insurance companies are forced to insure everyone. This date was made to coincide with the time that everyone is forced to have insurance (which further enforces your point of the compromise.)

Comment: Re:This can be handled (Score 1) 431

by Maladius (#37390710) Attached to: Why Aren't There More Civilians In Military Video Games?
I'm curious how they determined who were civilians.

I'm not actually disputing the numbers, as I personally don't have any additional facts on the subject. However, when I looked at that wiki page, I didn't see anything that addressed how the civilians killed were actually classified as civilians. Did their family members say that they weren't insurgents? Obviously that data could be skewed as many people may not want to admit that a relative was an insurgent. Hell, they may not even know for that matter. Perhaps it was based simply on whether weapons were found near the bodies, that sounds pretty logical, but it has its faults as well.

It wouldn't surprise me to find that the numbers were actually much higher or much lower, as I can only imagine it to be a very difficult thing to determine.

Comment: Internet Searches on Phone (Score 1) 395

by Maladius (#35305116) Attached to: Talking To Computers?
I find myself talking to my android phone on a pretty regular basis. Whenever I want to do an internet search that's more than a couple words, it's pretty fast and simple to hold down my search button and just speak the search phrase. The accuracy is pretty damn good even when speaking normally. The only problem is the background volume level; it doesn't work well in loud areas. It's great for the gps too: "navigate to 1122 Main St" "navigate to Joe's Bar". I don't see myself using this same technology with my work computer, but as far as my phone goes, I'm already talking to it and expecting it to react.

Comment: Not the rating itself... (Score 1) 771

by Maladius (#35236958) Attached to: How <em>Watchmen</em> Killed 'R'-rated Fantasy Movies
I thought that overall the movie was pretty well done (I have not read the comics.) I think the reason it didn't do as well as hoped was not the actual rating itself, but some of the reason for the rating. Violence, nudity, adult situations, etc. are all pretty common in well-performing R-rated action/fantasy movies. But the gore (did we really need to see that much detail when the guys arm was broken), and the overwhelming dark overtones made myself and others leave the movie feeling slightly disturbed.

Slightly less gore, and slightly more levity could have gone a long way to improving the box office performance in my opinion.

Comment: Older Stories (Score 1) 2254

by Maladius (#35011572) Attached to: Slashdot Launches Re-Design
I'm rather upset that the older stories section is gone from the right side bar. That was a really nice, quick and easy way to glance through the stories from the weekend or any other day that I missed and see if there were any headlines I wanted to explore further.

Along the same lines, whatever happened to the xkcd link that used to be over there. I noticed that and the other links around it disappeared a couple months ago, and haven't had anywhere to bitch about that.

Comment: BS (Score 1) 561

by Maladius (#32915920) Attached to: Sound As the New Illegal Narcotic?
I heard a report about this on NPR last night. The researcher talking about it said the whole thing was basically BS in terms of altering one's state of mind. They did a small study (ok, really small, only 4 people), and found no shift in brain waves at all when listening to binaural beats.

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