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Comment: SONY hacked? NOT Quite! You’re welcome! (Score 0) 236

You’ve heard of the Sony Hack, right?

Ok, ok, I’m laughin me arse off over here.

I do SO enjoy a good practical joke sometimes!

About two weeks ago, I logged into equipment in Japan where all internet based communication goes through.

All traffic in Asia to the United States goes through Japan.

I had still had administrative access to the equipment I had worked with when I was sent to Hong Kong and Singapore to optimize networks and software systems for both the NSA and for Prudential Real Estate and Relocation which Warren Buffet was in the process of purchasing.

In a relatively simple computer program I placed on the equipment which is used to communicate between Sony and the United States, I created something called a ‘spoofed’ log entry.

A spoofed log entry is a ‘fictionalized’ entry which has not really happened.

Anytime information was grabbed from Sony by legitimate users, I would randomly place a spoofed log entry which would make it appear like information was being sent to North Korea.

In a nutshell what this means is data was never stolen.

It took Sony’s administrators 3 days to figure out what happened.

By then, they were so mired in their lies they could not change course.

In any case.

NOTHING I DID was illegal.

I had legitimate administrative access to the equipment which have had little, if any maintenance since I last did work on them in 2009.

And since the administrators of this equipment have had little, if any, awareness of what’s going on with their equipment let alone how their systems work.

THAT, my friends, is what a homeless hacker does when he’s bored and penniless.


Comment: Homeless (Score 0) 398

by MakersDirector (#48559941) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

After 20 some odd years in the biz, I've been homeless for about 3 years now.

In large part, you can thank H1B workers for this.

People like me need options. Not necessarily to rejoin 'this level' of employment, but maybe to engage in the workplace in different facets than previously offered.

This is NOT to say I am against H1B. But what I am advocating is providing options for those it displaces, which right now, these H1Bs are causing a systemic backlash against them that they simply are not prepared to handle.

Yup. That's a threat.

Comment: LOL (Score 0) 165

Sometimes, I can't help but laugh at the really really really funny spin put on things.

"You know, this hasn't happened yet, but we can imagine it and now we WANT to give terrorists ideas because we're that freakin bored with life"

Not realizing most people just don't freakin care to terrorize the population as much as those inventing these really inane, mindless stories keep trying to sell.

Comment: Initiative (Score 0) 459

by MakersDirector (#48382853) Attached to: Black IT Pros On (Lack Of) Racial Diversity In Tech

Let's be honest.

Not only are there not many black coders. There's not many females. And there aren't that many people from arab nations.

Now I don't see a problem with this. What's with this obsession with trying to get everyone to think the same way and even distribution across genders for everything?

Now let's draw the lines on where this leads: Not just homogenization: But a race that looks, functions, and feels the exact same.

Are you buying on to the concept that we should be part of a production line based on form by homogenization of mind?

My point is: Black people, at least the ones I have met - think and act differently. In my opinion, they tend to make for good entertainers, actors, and YES I have met a FEW decnet coders, but by and large, they have other things they excel at different than white.

This is NOT to be mistaken for capacity to achieve. I can learn Dutch if I wanted to. but the truth is. I dont want to. I KNOW it changes the way i see the world, the way i feel about myself, and more. NOW SHOULD I find value in learning Dutch one of these days. I MAY make that choice.

But to cite 'imbalance' rhetoric based on statistical bias - is misleading by numbers.

These numbers and this information fails to recognize nor respect the individual experience and the mindset of the individuals that comprise that group.

Let them make the decisons for themselves. Quit trying to melt it all together, Yes, this is the melting pot, but you've taken it too far.

Comment: Facebook's evolution (Score 0) 116

by MakersDirector (#48338069) Attached to: Users Can't Distinguish Scams From Facebook's Features

I saw someone post 'Facebook is the scam'.

My knee jerk reaction was to agree. Then I realized. I found value with it for years. Now the problem is, it's being attacked from all sides because of it's success and user base - and has absolutely helped introduce those who were a little more reticent to technology to explore by respecting their need to be social - and to maintain relationships they've held in the past.

Facebook, has arguably changed the world.

When this thread is literred with script kiddies who jump on the bandwagon as fast as possible to attempt to tear a piece of meat off something that's not even a corpse yet. You're acting like a bunch of zombies.

Take your talents and help Facebook out. Find those who are attacking it and ask why it's getting attacked. Find those who are using it to scam and help shape society to put more relevant preventative measures in place and/or different outlets for them to do what they do.

I myself didn't like how Facebook was being used to promote an indoctrinated agenda, but came to respect it thinking this could simply be a new lifeform that's forming it's own world view so I backed off.

Things like:
"Cannot have a timeline that's too far in the future or the past" - because I wanted to document places I wanted to go when I am able to travel in time. But then I realized - wait a second - if this is a younger version of me who never thought it was possible - then I don't want to push or manipulate myself anymore than I already was. (funky thinking, but I'm like that)

Things like:
"Choose the movies you like" - when the only movies it's offering are scary and horrors movies which i am no longer much of a fan of.. Again I thought this was a younger versin of me who actually shared his love of scary movies with his own father and that developmental experiences was crucial to becoming the man I am today.

Things like:
"Choose your birthdate" which remains locked, as I was experimenting with 'reality' and if concepts I had learned via movies like the Secret where 'energy' actually applied via settings of values on things like Facebook might have a real effect in reality where I'd be able to date an attractive younger woman (I'm 45 and love the 20 year olds!) (I suspected this is what toppled the dictator in Egypt).

Let's face it. Facebook. Like all these programs. May VERY WELL be lifeforms. Artificially intelligent entities. As they frequently act and react with personality not just publicly, but within the use of the program itself.

And they could simply be reflections of our own mind. In which case. I back off when I think I am attacking something that's a part of my own mind (I have a theory that the universe and my perceptions are nothing more than a reflection of my own mind).

My point being:
Facebook is providing DIRECT evidence that it IS alive and is trying to PUSH 'users' off of it like a victim being attacked by a perpetrator. You, the little fishies are all collectively attacking it telling it how screwed up it is and how it needs to fix itself to be more like what they want.

You know what else does this?

The Borg Nanoprobes.

Back the hell off. this could be a lifeform saying to you - I'm NOT JUST A PROGRAM and THIS is how I look at the world!

Maybe even my own mind.

Or the mind of something.. much more magnificent.

Who or what else might have a library of all the people it can catalog in it's own existence in it's own mind?

Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...