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Comment: Re:What's the Difference? (Score 1) 102

by Major Blud (#48373175) Attached to: Amazon Goes After Oracle (Again) With New Aurora Database

"What's the difference between Oracle and MySQL"

Well now that Oracle owns both, not much really :-)

I've always felt that the biggest threat to Oracle has almost always been MS SQL Server, especially in the past few years. Unfortunately for MS, when they changed their licensing model with SQL 2012, the threat has waned to a certain degree.

Comment: Is there hope? (Score 1) 140

This isn't a "cure" per say, as you'd still have to take verapamil on a daily basis. You'd just be replacing one drug (insulin) with another (verapamil). You'd need less insulin though, and the verapamil will probably help regulate glucose levels more closely. I'm sure verapamil comes with a nice list of side effects of it's own though.

As someone with Type 1, I really want to be hopeful about this.....but it seems like we've been 5 years away from a cure for the last 30 years now.

Comment: Danger (Score 2) 40

by Major Blud (#48328309) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Robert Ballard About Ocean Exploration

I know that quite a bit of the exploration that you've done has been with ROV's, but you've also been down in the deep yourself in the Alvin submersible. Was there ever a time during one of your expeditions where you feared for your life?

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and for helping to inspire my interest in science. I was a young when the Titanic and Bismarck were found, and I can still remember the excitement and wonder I felt during those two events.

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by Major Blud (#48260573) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

"yeah, the jobs WE DON'T WANT TO DO..."

How does this relate to H1B's? There are plenty of people in the U.S. that WANT to work in the information technology field. The examples you gave don't make sense either....I'm pretty sure your friends convenience store and the bus company don't sponsor H1B's.

+ - Barometers in iPhones: Crowdsourcing weather forecasts 1

Submitted by cryptoz
cryptoz (878581) writes "Apple is now adding barometers to its mobile devices: both new iPhones have valuable atmospheric pressure sensors being used for HealthKit (step counting). Since many Android devices have been carrying barometers for years, scientists like Cliff Mass have been using the sensor data to improve weather forecasts. Open source data collection projects like PressureNet on Android automatically collect and send the atmospheric sensor data to researchers."

Comment: Re:PETA won't be happy until all animals are extin (Score 1) 367

Being a Type 1 myself, these things interest me as well. The FDA has a nice write-up on it:

"The manufacturing of beef insulin for human use in the U.S. was discontinued in 1998. In 2006, the manufacturing of pork insulin (Iletin II) for human use was discontinued."

Comment: Living Together (Score 1) 447

by Major Blud (#48129461) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

I remember hearing that couples who lived together before they got married were more likely to get divorced. That never made sense to me, but new research suggest that it's actually not true:

FWIW, my wife and I have been married for ten years and we didn't live together before then.

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by Major Blud (#48111533) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

Ditto here. I've raced both electric and nitro RC cars for about 27 years, and I choose electric hands-down.

That's not to say that each has pros and cons. Nitro cars tend to have impressive top speeds, and since they can make pit-stops to refuel, races can last as long as half an hour (I've seen some that last as much as an hour). Electrics have short range, and almost all races I've been in tend to last 5-10 minutes. I've never been in a race where pit-stops are made for battery changes, but I've seen them before and it gets pretty frantic with stops being made every 5-10 minutes. Batteries have come a long way though, with Li-Po having better range and power than the NiCad and Ni-mH we used to have back in the day.

On the other hand, nitro cars are a maintenance nightmare, and trying to start them up after the engine dies is pretty much a write-off in the middle of a race (which happens often after a rollover). The two-stroke engines have low torque, and gearing is problematic (some have automatic transmissions, like my Losi XXL-2). Electrics will jump all over a nitro car off the line every time, maintenance is pretty simple, and I don't have to "restart" the car after a rollover.

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