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Comment Re:Very interesting that this is a real thing. (Score 1) 82

In most cases where type 1's develop the disease and are not born with it

I'm Type 1 as well. Although we weren't "born with it", we were most certainly born with the genetic marker that made us susceptible to it (I'm sure you know this).

I had this odd skin reaction that was like just random inflammation

Maybe that odd skin reaction is what triggered the auto-immune response that attacked your islet cells? I know correlation-and-causation and all of that, but it makes you wonder about a lot of things that you could catch that would trigger that response (the Coxsackie virus has been implicated, but is somewhat inconclusive).

Just remember, we're only 10 years away from cure, and have been for over 30 years now ;-)

Submission + - Bethesda To Unleash Hell On May 13th, Doom Release Date Confirmed In Trailer (

MojoKid writes: Bethesda and id Software are in the process rebooting the Doom franchise and it seems like it's been in development for ages. When we last visited the upcoming Doom remake, Bethesda had posted a giblet-filled trailer which showed some pretty impressive gameplay visuals, killer hand-to-hand combat and plenty of head stomping. Today, Bethesda clued gamers in on something that Doom fans have been anticipating for years, an actual release date. Mark your calendars for May 13th, because that's when Doom will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course, the PC platform. Bethesda also dropped a new campaign trailer for you to ogle over.

Submission + - All 12 Countries Sign off on the TPP (

Dangerous_Minds writes: News is surfacing that the TPP has officially been signed by all 12 countries. This marks the beginning of the final step towards ratification. Freezenet has a quick rundown of what copyright provisions are contained in the agreement including traffic shaping, site blocking, enforcement of copyright when infringement is "imminent", and a government mandate for ISPs to install backdoors for the purpose of tracking copyright infringement on the Internet.

Submission + - Google starts blocking sites with fake download buttons ( 1

Kobun writes: Google is now rolling out automatic blocking of websites that use fake download buttons or deceptive ads to trick users into downloading Malware. The original blog post from Google can be found here, with additional commentary at Ars and Gizmodo. CNET and Sourceforge are mentioned by name in the Ars article, although this doesn't take into account SourceForge's recent sale and the subsequent reversal of their malware-distribution policy.

Comment Re:The 0.01% (Score 1) 217

Imagine that instead of hiring Steve Ballmer, Microsoft would have merely hired an average MIT PhD engineering graduate in their 30s or 40s with some business and management experience.

That's exactly what Microsoft did. Ballmer was assistant product manager at Proctor & Gamble before Microsoft and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, but I guess that's not as good as MIT. Also, that whole part about being with the company since 1980 when they were virtually an unknown to being such a massive force that they underwent an investigation for monopolistic practices, we should just overlook that part as well. Most people also seem to forget that he was the Microsoft CEO since way back in 2000......some products released during his tenure were real stinkers, but these "better products" that you wish for, some of them actually occurred during his tenure (think Windows XP, Windows 7, SQL Server 2000, Exchange, Windows 2000).

Comment Re:Squeaky wheel. Oil it. (Score 4, Interesting) 243

In our enlightened times, only one country sends their sons to other countries to kill the people that live there.

Errr, well Russia now makes two, with Crimea & Syria.

Only those two countries huh?

Comment Re:Amateurish and ill-considered (Score 1) 510

Seems that teachers aren't paid based on their performance, but seniority:

Now "seniority" can include advanced degrees and continuing education, but the argument can be made that both of those don't necessarily contribute to performance. I admit that trying to gauge performance for education is difficult, but I was just trying to point out that currently teachers' aren't paid for it.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 170

North Korea's isolation is Kim's fault just as much as anyone else's. He's well aware that opening up trade internationally would end up creating a more educated and motivated that wouldn't look to kindly on their current leadership.

Look at the dogma that has been crammed down their throat for the past 50 years....Juche is usually translated as "self-reliance". Why would Dear Leader want to open up trade to the world when he's convinced the populace that they don't need it?

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