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Comment: Re:Jerri (Score 1) 533

"Fix the Middle-East's economy".

I'm pretty sure that lack of money isn't a problem for most of the Middle East economies. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait are pretty well off. Of course not all of that money makes it down to the common populace, thanks to their dictator/royal governments. I can't think of an easy way to change their form of governments without massive upheaval, just like we're seeing in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

"Build schools, staff them - an educated populace won't fall for the simple rhetoric of the mob-leader."

This will work, but will probably take well over 100 years. Again, you can't implement this with the type of social system and governments they currently have in place. Religion and tradition are so ingrained in their culture that the ideas of democracy and free speech are not only alien to them, but down-right heresy.

"Build infrastructure so they can actually communicate with the rest of the world"

Well ISIS is using Twitter, so they are communicating with the rest of the world, just not in the way we would like. All of the infrastructure, evidence, and knowledge in the world will do no good if you choose not to believe in it (hell, look at how much evidence we have for global warming and evolution that gets ignored in the U.S.).

The only solution I can see is to get away from middle-eastern oil as soon as possible. Their sources of funding will dry up, and the royal families/dictators currently in place will have no choice but to open up their society in order to build an economy that isn't based on oil.

Comment: PlumpyNut (Score 4, Interesting) 243

by Major Blud (#49121467) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy

Back in 2007, Anderson Cooper asked a pediatrician if PlumpyNut ( was affecting people in developing countries suffering from malnutrition with peanut allergies. The Dr. said "We just don't see it. In developing countries food allergy is not nearly the problem that it is in industrialized countries." Sounds like this study backs up that claim.

Comment: Re:Sigh. (Score 2) 125

by Major Blud (#49021225) Attached to: Netflix Now Available In Cuba

"The fact that you have talked about dissemination of culture in terms of 'doing business'"

The whole point of the embargo was to prevent US businesses from doing trade with Cuba. So the solution is to maintain it so that Cuban culture can be protected?

How has opening a Ford dealership in France or an Apple Store in Italy stifled their culture? Not much based off of the last visit I had. Do you expect this to be different for Cuba?

Besides, free speech and personal freedom are cultural attributes worth sharing, is it not? The implementation of this in the USA is debatable, but the best way to share those attributes is through exchange of ideas enabled through international trade and openness. The only other way is through armed conflict, and we can see how well that worked out in their past conflicts.

Comment: Re:Qualifications (Score 2) 479

by Major Blud (#48832729) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System

"This is about RECRUITERS. They go out and find candidates."

This doesn't change what I said. In this case the recruiter is passing on qualified people just so they can hit a %20 quota. It's not like they have infinite candidates to begin with.....they may be limited to 100, or 50, or whatever. If there aren't enough qualified people to fill the candidate quota to begin with, they'll have to start reaching out to unqualified female candidates to fill that 20%.

And I did read the article thanks.

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