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by Lumpy (#47926689) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

SanDisk's liability is limited to replacement of product or refund.
*30 years warranty in regions not recognizing lifetime limited.

NOBODY has a warranty of data readability. even enterprise grade SDLT tapes have no warranty of the data being readable more than 30 milliseconds after being written. They will just replace the tape if "defective".

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by gfxguy (#47926463) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry
I can't predict what would happen, but your last statement is what I've been looking for in all this mess... in the short term, things like this are almost always painful, there's a lot of readjusting to do, but it's what happens in the long term that matters. I would applaud Scotland's secession as long overdue and, yes, as an American, believe that freedom and independence are just as important (if not more) than financial security.

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by ShieldW0lf (#47924657) Attached to: College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class

Quite simply, it's less comfortable to wear. Considering how much you spend at work, even minor differences in comfort can be very important and well worth the salary difference.

If your suit isn't comfortable, buy a nicer suit. A good suit is extremely comfortable.

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by rahvin112 (#47924269) Attached to: Farmers Carry Multidrug-Resistant Staph For Weeks Into Local Communities

Ah blame the migrant. Neat trick you did there. Almost all livestock in the US are fed low dose antiboitics throughout their life. This isn't to keep them healthy, it's to provide weight gain.

Almost every chunk of meat you buy in the US contains antibiotics unless you intentionally exclude all but carefully labeled meat products. Animals being fed antibiotics excrete those antibiotics into the environment through their urine, feces and even through their skin. Being under constant exposure to environmental antibiotics through contact with waste products, the animals themselves and their feed which contains the antibiotics is no doubt going to lead to evolution of resistance in the bacteria inhabiting your body.

Lets play the game of most likely answer, that the migrants are taking over the counter antibiotics while they are outside the US when many never leave the US for any extended period. OR, that exposure to the environmental antibiotics used in animal production is what's causing it. If you think the most probable answer is the first as you suggested I can't help you.

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by Lumpy (#47922917) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

"However, you won't be too happy when you get a new machine that doesn't come with anything other than 9."
That will not happen for a long time. I can buy lots of brand new business class machines with windows 7 on it right now and Dell will not stop doing it as long as 90% of all the corporations are demanding it.

Windows 7 will be available on a new machine sold by competent PC makers for a few more years at least.

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by Dishevel (#47922543) Attached to: Apple Edits iPhone 6's Protruding Camera Out of Official Photos
Sure. You go right ahead and click the agreements for your iDevices and iSoftware. Do not bother to read it. Apple loves you and would never sell information on you for profit to their "Partners". I bet no matter how hard you look you will never see ... Ohh, wait.

Is this where you could opt out of iAds tracking?

Interesting. I am sure they give away targeted ads to their advertising partners for free though. Because they do not want you to look like a fool.

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No. That is the problem. They think that forcing others to do good will make them feel better, but it does not. That is why they are never satisfied. They must always fill that hole. If they would just get off their asses and hand out food at a soup kitchen that hole would be filled and they would feel better and the world would be a better place.

But that is not how the government wants us to be. So entitlements and division are the carrot and stick they use to keep us on the path.

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