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Comment: Re:Do you think you are special? (Score 1) 234

by Maintenance Goof (#45246549) Attached to: Ten Steps You Can Take Against Internet Surveillance
It's not that I am special enough for their attention. It's that I am really boring. Surveillance duty on me is an internal punishment. The nice thing about being watched is that whenever my phone is getting bad reception all I have to do is say the magic phrase, "Jehad Pressure Cooker!" and my phone reception becomes perfect!

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You are correct and Ben Franklin was aware of that. He studied heating exhaustively as his book, 'Observations on Smoky Chimneys, Their Causes and Cure: With Considerations on Fuel and Stoves' demonstrates. Ben Franklin designed his stove as a compromise. He loved an open flame despite it's inefficiency.

+ - If the NSA can break internet encryption, chances are so can someone else->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The flaw in building a way around any security protocol is that no matter how altruistic those reasons may be, once there is a flaw, anyone can exploit it. That means the NSA is probably not the only body who could exploit the flaws it has reportedly inserted in some commercial encryption software. Think about well-funded organized crime syndicates, corporate rivals, or nation-state espionage against major commercial companies. Security weakened for one is security weakened for all."
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+ - Genetic Evidence Found That Humans Choose Friends With Similar DNA->

Submitted by KentuckyFC
KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The study of social networks has long shown that people tend to pick friends who are similar to them--birds of a feather stick together (pdf). Now a study of the genomes of almost 2000 Americans has found that those who are friends also share remarkable genetic similarities. “Pairs of friends are, on average, as genetically similar to one another as fourth cousins,” the study concludes. By contrast, strangers share few genetic similarities. The result seems to confirm a 30 year old theory that a person’s genes causes them to seek out circumstances that are compatible with their phenotype. If that’s the case, then people with similar genes should end up in similar environments and so be more likely to become friends."
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+ - Poachers beware: Raspberry Pi-based camera system has its eye on you->

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "The Kenya Wildlife Service has a powerful new tool in its fight against the poachers who threaten endangered species living in the country's most remote areas: a high-tech network of custom cameras built by UK-based consultants called Instant Wild that can instantly locate illegal activity as well as keep tabs on nearby animals. Based on the bare-bones Raspberry Pi mini-computer, each camera unit packs an array of different technologies. Motion sensors trigger the main camera, which uses an infrared flash, allowing nighttime operation and keeping the unit from being detected. Vibration sensors can detect the presence of nearby vehicles, and microphones can pick up the sound of gunshots and locate them via triangulation with other units on the network."
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by Maintenance Goof (#44029257) Attached to: MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher
This is part of the real brilliance and real motive of MicroSoft. At the top of their game, the bigwigs and the corporation sell stock. Then they publish a horrid OS and tell everyone at least 5 irrational things that will cause stock to fold. They still try to sell their brick grade junk at full pace during this, to still make what money they can. Then when the stock has hit bottom, the bigwigs and corporation buy it up and they publish a really good but slightly broken OS. People scream about the flaws, the stock stabilizes and then they fix those bugs. During each phase of the roller coaster, they do everything they can to manipulate the market. They make a fortune out of selling really junk OS's and pumping stock up and down. Much more than they would ever make if they were a reliable, and decent corporation.

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