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Comment Re:Whew, no problem then (Score 1) 505

You talk about the evidence that "the maximum CO2 concentration never went above 300 ppm." that was went there was an ice sheet, so we have to believe that there was ALWAYS and ice sheet over the entire Earth, even when the Earth was on giant continent, Pangaea [sic] I believe, that located around the equator. These Ice Sheets also "flowed" south from the Poles. That would seem to indicate that it was colder up north then toward the equator, other wise the ice sheets should have build evenly. "Science isn't democratic", it is eco-nomic.
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Journal Journal: Fiddles don't make violins (random randomness) 7

Well, I stayed home sick today. The flu shot may NOT have been the culprit. I checked my Outlook web access a couple times today, and it appears that half my team was out sick. I may have just been the canary. Feeling better now, but really cruddy this AM.

This allowed me to spend six hours going through 10 hours of mandatory Army briefings today. :-)

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Journal Journal: de ME /AG 9

OK, actually, No-code tech with a CSCE for element 3. :-)
Hopefully, element 4 and both upgrades end of next month.

Then I'll start to learn the code. Honest. :-P

Oh, and after two solid nights of sleep, I actually got up in the general vicinity of my alarm (first try!) and went jogging for 2 miles. I hate running, btw. With a deep and abiding passion.

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