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Comment: Square to hexagon conversion (Score 5, Interesting) 142

by Maian (#32688470) Attached to: <em>Civ 5</em> Will Let You Import and Convert <em>Civ 4</em> Maps
Civ 4 map plots are squares. Civ 5 are hexagons. I don't see an easy conversion process that won't produce real not-just-semantic map differences (e.g. how to convert diagonal waterways where in a 4x4, one diagonal is water and the other diagonal is land, and ships can travel through the water diagonal?)

Comment: Re:PC Gaming! (Score 1) 201

by Maian (#30147934) Attached to: AMD Radeon HD 5970 Dual-GPU Card Sweeps Benchmarks

This is more a critique against PC gaming rather than a critique of this new beast. It is absolutely stupid to think that you need this GPU to "match" the 360 - PCs have already surpassed the 360 and PS3 a while ago in the budget range. You ARE aware that there are GPUs in $50 range that are more powerful than the one bundled with the XBOX 360, right? Heck, there a LAPTOP GPUs that are better than the 360.

PC gaming has its obvious advantages besides better graphics, namely the trusty keyboard & mouse and modability. MMOGs typically require keyboards, and any game that emphasizes modding is likely to be a better experience on the PC, e.g. I pity those that bought the console versions of Dragon Age.


+ - Ubuntu manga - Ubunchu

Submitted by Maian
Maian (887886) writes "From DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 298, 13 April 2009:

Finally, even if you are a fan of both Japanese manga and the world's most popular desktop Linux distribution, merging the two might never have crossed your mind. But it has for Hiroshi Seo, the author of the new free and open source manga, called Ubunchu!. The first chapter was released in Japanese on the 4th April, but now there is an English translation available: "Ubunchu! is a Japanese manga series featuring Ubuntu Linux. Three school students in a system administration club are getting into Ubuntu!" Where will this adventure go? Only time will tell! It's great to see free software users putting their skills to good use. Have you read the first chapter? Let us know what you think!


+ - Guantanamo deleted detainee IDs from Wikipedia-> 1

Submitted by James Hardine
James Hardine (1150665) writes "The New York Times and The Inquirer are reporting that Wikileaks, the transparency group that published two manuals leaked from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba earlier this month has now caught US armed forces personnel there conducting propaganda attacks over the Internet. The activities uncovered by Wikileaks include deleting Guantanamo detainees' ID numbers from Wikipedia, posting of self-praising comments on news websites in response to negative articles, promoting pro-Guantanamo stories on the Internet news focus website Digg, and even altering Wikipedia's entry on Cuban President Fidel Castro to describe him as "an admitted transexual". Guantanamo spokesman Lt. Col. Bush blasted Wikileaks for identifying one "mass communications officer" by name, who has since received death threats for "simply doing his job — posting positive comments on the Internet about Gitmo". In response Wikileaks has posted independent confirmation of their analysis by security expert Bruce Schneier."
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+ - Shuttleworth: No negotiations with Microsoft!->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Seeking to end the various discussions about Ubuntu partnering with Microsoft, Mark Shuttleworth, with a post to his blog today, makes it clear that they have "declined to discuss any agreement with Microsoft under the threat of unspecified patent infringements". Shuttleworth seems to share most peoples' feelings on this entire business by saying that 'Allegations of "infringement of unspecified patents" carry no weight whatsoever.'"
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