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Comment: Re:Except for when you need it (Score 1) 862

by MahJongKong (#37606656) Attached to: Microsoft Killed the Start Menu Because No One Uses It
The point is that an all graphical interface can be quite useful for a lot of people. The current start menu (post xp design) is barely usable, but it can be worked out, you don't seem to realize that the "one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse" thing is just what we do to use a broken GUI. I do it too but I'm OP and I are just not happy with it. If you are good for you but let us point out the weaknesses.

Comment: Re:The first confirmed kill by Wikileaks is Osama? (Score 2) 632

by MahJongKong (#36017840) Attached to: Leaked Doc May Have Forced US To Speed Up Bin Laden Raid
It doesn't work like that.

So if the first kill from Wikileaks is OBL, shouldn't we be giving them a medal, rather than complaining about them? Apparently, the US knew where he was for the past 3 years and did nothing until Wikileaks pointed out

How could you know what was exactly going on these last three years?

Where's the line between cautious and negligent? Or have we been tracking him accurately for that long without his knowledge and using that knowledge to dismantle the organization? Though if we were doing that with any efficiency, we should have had much better results than we have had so far.

You sound like an expert at worldwide military and intelligence operations.

Comment: Re:Breaking news... (Score 1) 243

by MahJongKong (#35766466) Attached to: Threatening YouTube Video Lands Man In Prison
Focusing on popularity or fame is really not the right thing to do here. Killing/assaulting a world famous singer or an elected official is not the same either and I am not rating them as human beings. All lives must be treated equally but anyone who is facing a credible threat must be provided with better security.

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