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Comment Re:Security (Score 3, Interesting) 62

"As opposed to what?"

As opposed to other cellphones.

"It sure as heck did go down for awhile on 9/11."

Blackberry was the only communications lifeline for many on 9/11. It was reported in the NYT.

It has even been suggested that radio jamming technology may have been employed on 9/11, as several important communication systems 'just happened' to go down that day:

- New York cell phones (although this could possibly be caused by a system overload)
- WTC’s internal communication system (just happened to be down that day)
- Port Authority's transmission repeater on top of WTC5 (just happened to be down that day)

Regardless of these communications failures, Blackberry still allowed people to communicate on 9/11.

Then we moved into the age of surveillance, and the world of the Spyphone - largely justified by those attacks. How ironic.

Comment Re:Projectors? (Score 3, Interesting) 232

Some very interesting points! I agree with most of them. However:

"- They are just as - if not more - expensive as a TV over time."

I paid about $600 for mine, brand new. And because it uses LED instead of a regular bulb it does not get hot like a traditional projector. Nor do I need to replace the bulb ($300) every 3000 hours or so. LED bulb (non-replaceable) on this projector is supposed to last approximately 20,000 hours. So about the same price as a basic TV.

"- They generally get duller or break more than a TV over time."

Mine still works perfectly after 4 years. No degraded picture or problems.

"- ... can be noisy, and sound often sucks compared to an equivalent TV (granted, some people have separate audio systems)."

The fan can be a little annoying, depending on where the device is situated. Sound goes to the stereo so audio isn't an issue.

"but for any serious setup, you wouldn't be able to move it around anyway."

The tripod stand is also quite portable. Seriously.

"I work in schools. We have DOZENS of projectors on site."

Projectors may not be the best solution in your case - schools. However, the article specifically mentioned "invading the living room". I normally use my projector in the living room.

"Projectors have a lot of problems that TV's don't have."

That's kind of a moot point. TV's have a lot of problems that projectors don't have.

The biggest reason that I went for a projector as opposed to a TV is a large, portable display. That, and there's nothing like helping friends and relatives move and lugging around some behemoth 50lb+ 52 inch TV, up and down stairs and trying not to scratch the walls or damage the TV. My projector is about as big and heavy as a home DSL router.

Projectors may not be for everyone but they are certainly worth looking into.

Comment Projectors? (Score 2) 232

I don't know about everyone else but I haven't owned a TV in at least 10 years. I've never been a big TV person.

That said, I did buy a small projector that I use for watching movies and documentaries on Netflix.

It is low power, very portable and displays in HD (720p). It will literally fit into a large coat pocket.

Details here.

I'm not a big fan of Dell, but I highly recommend this device if you are in the market for a projector/TV.

Comment Re: ISIS fighters can get paid up to 700 USD/month (Score 1) 145

A few things:

1. "History" is not factual lore. It is - literally - 'his story' - written by the so-called victor in a conflict. It is one-sided, biased and very often incorrect.

2. Wikipedia is a very tainted, unreliable source of information. Quoting Wikipedia is lame.

3. Israel has not made any serious effort to end the settlements. If they did there would not be an issue. It is because Israel has stolen and illegally occupied Palestinian land that these problems continue. Israel simply refuses to take responsibility for their terrorist activities and continually points the finger at the people whose land they have stolen, whose homes they have destroyed and whose families have been murdered by the Zionists.

4. Anyone who supports Israel is a supporter of terrorism. The BDS movement against Israel began in response to their terrorist activities and human rights violations; mainly against the Palestinian people.

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