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Comment: The bigger issue... (Score 2) 55

by MagickalMyst (#49182277) Attached to: US Air Traffic Control System Is Riddled With Vulnerabilities
is dealing with the malfeasance regarding 9/11.

Sure, these technical issues are very important and need to be addressed.

But all of these issues are moot if the diabolical, elite villains are still in power.

Even if the systems were patched and secure, they could still let another 9/11 happen if they choose to.

Comment: Re:There is some truth to it (Score 1) 320

by MagickalMyst (#49136813) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP
>"People sincerely worshipped Zeus for thousands of years. Do you believe in Zeus?"

Yes, I do. And here's why:

Zeus, and indeed, all deities - are psychological archetypes for personal self development; not supernatural beings. Hollywood has implanted many fairy tales into the minds of humanity and twisted their perception of reality. But when you peel away the multiple layers of illusion, you are left with the bare truth.

Jesus - as a human - may or may not have physically existed. Nobody can prove it either way, regardless of what they would like to believe. It is irrelevant. But that does not prevent people from "finding Jesus within" or truly achieving the "Christ consciousness", or connecting with the higher self.

Likewise, "occultists" are said to be able to summon demons to do their bidding. Aleister Crowley, through years of research, determined that the demons are not real in a physical sense, but summoned into one's mind and consciousness. Fighting demons and facing one's fears is key to personal development.

That doesn't mean that the bogeyman is sitting in your closet, although the bogeyman may be quite real to you.

Comment: Biggest Problem (Score 2) 514

by MagickalMyst (#49136031) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
The biggest problem for most users (especially non-technical users) when changing Windows versions (upgrading is a bit of a misnomer, imho), is how the UI changes with every version.

By the time end users start to feel comfortable navigating around in Windows and learning what is where (i.e; WinXP: control panel -> add/remove programs), they are forced to 'upgrade' to the latest version of Windows and have to relearn the UI again (i.e; Win7: control panel -> programs and peatures).

As a technical user I find this very frustrating. For non-technical users, this is hell.

Every version of Windows seems to do this, and it is absolutely ridiculous.

On the bright side, there are alternatives. Thanks Linus! :)

Comment: There is some truth to it (Score 0) 320

by MagickalMyst (#49127519) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP
Okay, maybe your daily horoscope in the newspaper is computer generated nonsense, but it is a fact that planets and celestial objects have an effect on human behaviour and the environment.

Ask any police officer or health care provider how people act during the full moon. They will almost always tell you that they are busier and people are crazier around that time of the month - consistently - although they can't quite explain why. The moon also affects the tides of the oceans. This is a scientific fact. Celestial phenomenon is called astronomy. The effects of astronomy on human behaviour is called astrology.

We live in a world where everything is connected, and every action has a reaction associated with it. To think that there is absolutely no basis in truth regarding astrology is simply wrong.

The practice of astrology would not have survived for thousands of years if there were no truth to it. Granted, modern astrology is generally considered the realm of snake-oil peddling charlatans; but when we scrape the multiple layers of bull$hit off, we reveal an ancient artform that actually does have some merit to it.

It should not be idly dismissed just because we don't completely understand it yet.

To be a kind of moral Unix, he touched the hem of Nature's shift. -- Shelley