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Comment Re:Never really understood the point. (Score 1) 126 126

You don't understand the point of self-driving cars? Really? These will revolutionize travel if they become affordable. As for saying they're too expensive, everything is too expensive for most people when it's new; technology prices have a way of coming down over time, you see.

Comment Re:Or.. teach devs to use threading as appropriate (Score 1) 404 404

Or, gawd forbid.. we could teach programmers how to use threading?

Who said it was an either/or proposition? People should learn to use parallel processors efficiently, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to turn down a compiler that can do a bit of it too. Otherwise, why bother having optimising compilers at all; clearly the programmer should have just programmed more efficiently!

Comment slightly overegging it (Score 4, Insightful) 123 123

"insecure physical locks will do little to keep the bad guys out"

I think this is unfair. The lock on my front door has a 100% record of keeping bad guys out. That's because it's intended to deter casual thieves, not secret agents. Knowing what your security is protecting against and choosing the right level is important. And I could buy the best lock in the world and someone could just smash a window...

Comment Re:So, unless it's cheap, what is the point? (Score 1) 170 170

I still don't really understand the advantage of the Pi over, say, a cheap second-hand laptop.

It's cheap, but everyone already has a computer that's many times more powerful. It's low-power, but not more much more so than a phone / tablet. And it's not portable because it doesn't have a battery.

Why should anyone actually buy one? The only use I can really think for it is as a very low power server, but if I wanted such a thing I think I would buy a new laptop and use the old one as the server.

Comment Re:A Letter (Score 1) 785 785

Tell that to those in Gitmo. Oh wait, they're Muslims, so not real people right? A bit like those Vietnamese in My Lai.

Posting as AC because I'll probably get modded as "-1, Troll", despite calling an entire country "fucked-up" because of an email monitoring system getting "+2, Funny". Because emails are more serious than massacres and torture, right?

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