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See the problem with R is that a lot of departments requiring it aren't teaching it as a programming language, they're trying to teach it like it's SPSS with a command line. Nobody ever learns what's actually going on under the hood or how to actually manipulate the data, they just know that hitting buttons in the right order SHOULD make it do a regression.

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Posting a bunch of links of people doing things like fighting to keep raping men from being outlawed under the banner of "feminism" is a "massive MRA rant"? MRA's are now interchangeable with "channer trolls/opportunists/dupes"? Looks more like you've just decided to add "MRA" to a list of interchangeable cliches that you slap on anyone you disagree with to justify covering your eyes and rejecting whatever contradicts your worldview.

You posted "actually it's about ethics" with the intention of mocking that insistence. I posted "actually it's about equality" with a whole bunch of evidence of "feminists" doing things that are patently anti-equality (yknow, like trying to keep rape legal or harming domestic violence victims).

BTW Shadow, FWIW, the tactics of your fellow MRAs/channer trolls/opportunists/dupes lead me to actually sit down and watch Anita Sarkeesian's video series the other week. Well, I had to. And yes, it will impact some of my work in future, she makes some excellent points. Me, myself, probably won't make a difference to you, but I know plenty of others who have done the same. And by coming out into the open, you've also made it easier for us to see you, for me to, for example, warn my daughter (when she's old enough, I'm not going to scare the shit out of her right now) about the extremists in your group who write articles like "How to get away with rape" and "How to break a woman".

So thank you - to you and the people you defend and associate with - for making it easier to arm my daughter, and for ensuring I, and legions of other men who seriously had thought sexism against women was nothing like as serious as it is, open our eyes and start fighting for equality.

Seriously? "how to get away with rape"? You're just going to make shit up and try to pin it on me by associating me with some ridiculously hyperbolic villain cliche? What's next, moustache twirling and tying people to the train tracks?

You want to talk about "getting away with rape"? I just gave you a link to people literally fighting to stop rape from being outlawed. I just gave you a link to research publications discussing real harm done to real domestic violence victims, and real articles mocking domestic violence and victims. I gave you links to live videos of people committing felonies. If it's people talking about getting away with rape and breaking someone with abuse you want to talk about how about we talk about the mainstream people in your group that I've already supplied actual proof of.

Also you realise that you're rushing to defend as "[making] some excellent points" a whorephobic thief and plagiarist that's been caught repeatedly making patently untrue claims and generally passing off anti-feminist sexshaming nonsense as "feminist critique", right? You're talking about someone that shit all over Bayonetta, which is widely considered to be one of the single most positive feminist icons in gaming, and will plug a book she's got ties to before the bodies of dead kids are even cold?

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If you're against any sexism regardless of the target why is it you just spent an entire post trying desperately to derail from discussing the actions of a political/social movement with "you horrible woman-hater you!", emotionally charged assertions, personal attacks, and disproven canards? A group of people literally fighting to keep rape legal and throw half of all domestic violence victims under the bus is hardly the "least-dangerous gender discrimination", nor does having a problem with the political/social movement behind that have anything to do with being "insecure and scared of the menace of women". Likewise the fact half of all domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested than their abuser is hardly a "small wrinkle".

As for the rest of your canards the wage gap myth has been debunked at least a dozen times and men are a huge majority of the homeless and virtually all workplace deaths, prisoners, and suicides. They're also over 10x as likely to go to jail for the same crime as a woman is (far larger than the difference between whites and blacks) and get far more severe sentencing than women. Meanwhile women are nearly 2/3rds of college graduates and utterly dominating the entire education system. And don't even try to bring up that supposed "STEM gap" which is actually only in one or two majors, one of which is a mere 10% of all degrees conferred.

As for "men" running the world... "men" don't run the world. "Men" are not some fungible borg-like monolith. Your problem is with social and economic class, not with gender.

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First off CompSci accounts for about 10% of all degrees conferred, just to put things in perspective. Second women earn nearly 2/3rds of all degrees and either dominate or are near parity in virtually every major other than CompSci and Engineering as well as utterly dominating every single measure we have for the education system.

CompSci, Engineering, IT... all of these fields commonly require people to make great personal sacrifices to pursue them, giving up any semblance of a work/life balance and throwing themselves into their major and career. They also all tend to carry a great social stigma, being dominated by stereotypes of men pathologized for being unattractive or failing to conform to traditional hypermasculine extroverted gender norms.

So you've got three factors at work: The first is that women have time and again been shown to actively prioritize work/life balance and non-monetary compensation such as time off or flexibility because they're allowed to pursue that unlike men. The second is the "eww gross nerds" effect of hostile stereotyping backfiring and making the field appear unattractive. The third is fearmongering by con artists that try to control women through fear and disempowerment.

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Yes clearly the logical conclusion is a massive global conspiracy and it's not simply that the rest of the world is increasingly fed up with idiots obsessed with trivial bullshit (in the words of Aayan Hirsi Ali). Clearly the problem isn't that IT and similar fields are textbook examples of exactly the kind of extreme hours and lack of work/life balance that women are empirically proven to be repelled by time and time again. Clearly it's got nothing to do with the ever more extreme fearmongering and disempowering rhetoric that's created an orwellian culture of fear. Clearly we shouldn't listen to women actually in the field who have repeatedly called bullshit on people like you.

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Think about all the asinine stupidity coming out of tumblr and why you'd never want to hire one of those people. Now imagine someone got duped into doing exactly that and because that person's position let them filter all of your correspondence you never got to find out how badly they were fucking things up with your community.

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