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+ - SpaceX Landing Video Making Progress

Submitted by Maddog Batty
Maddog Batty (112434) writes "The fine people at the Nasa Space Flight Forum are making good progress on restoring the corrupted landing video reported earlier. It worth looking at the original video to see how bad it was and then at the latest restored video. It is now possible to see the legs being deployed, the sea coming closer and a big flame ball as the rocket plume hits the water. An impressive improvement so far and it is still being actively worked on so further refinements are likely."

+ - SpaceX are looking for help with "Landing" video

Submitted by Maddog Batty
Maddog Batty (112434) writes "SpaceX recently made the news by managing to soft land at sea the first stage of rocket used to launch its third supply mission to the International Space Station. Telemetry reported that it was able to hover for eight seconds above the sea before running out of fuel and falling horizontal. Unfortunately, due to stormy weather at the time, their support ship wasn't able to get to the "landing" spot at the time and the first stage wasn't recovered and is likely now on the sea bed.

Video of the landing was produced and transmitted to an aeroplane but unfortunately it is rather corrupted. SpaceX have attempted to improve it but it isn't much better. They are now looking for help to improve it further."

Comment: Re:Reusable first stage? (Score 5, Informative) 97

by Maddog Batty (#44987747) Attached to: SpaceX Falcon 9 Blasts Off From California

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Rocket booster relit twice (supersonic retro & landing), but spun up due to aero torque, so fuel centrifuged & we flamed out

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Between this flight & Grasshopper tests, I think we now have all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the rocket back home.

+ - So You Want to Flap Your Arms and Fly?

Submitted by
Maddog Batty
Maddog Batty writes "Take the accelerometers and gyroscopes from an HTC phone and a Wii remote ( and connect to your battery powered flapping mechanism. Make the wings from your old kite and add ribs to give the correct profile. Attach to back, run down field, flap arms, take off and fly! ( Warning there is a bit of swearing at the end of the video ( Note: this is battery powered flight not human powered but very cool nevertheless."

Comment: Re:No (Score 5, Informative) 502

by Maddog Batty (#39291529) Attached to: LED's Efficiency Exceeds 100%

No it isn't fiddling with numbers. You are missing the heat pump bit.

The device is taking X amount of energy from the electricity supply and X * 1.3 of energy as thermal and converting this to X * 2.3 as light. i.e. it is 230% efficient when comparing light output to electrical input. Equally, it is 100% efficient when comparing light output to electrical and heat energy input combined.

This does take a little bit of thinking to get your head around but I have a more common example in the shed outside. It contains a heat pump which is 350% efficient. It takes 2kW from the electricity supply and outputs 7kW of heat energy to heat my house. The missing 5kW comes from the pipes in the garden as heat energy. The result being that the garden is slowly being cooled.

Comment: Re:Magnetics (Score 1, Troll) 132

by Maddog Batty (#39287737) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Production Delayed By Factory's Assembly Flub

I have no idea what this means. How is this possible?

I guess because you didn't study properly at school... ;-)

"Without them you would effectively tie the RX and TX signals together and probably turn the entire network into an aerial for Radio 2 reception."

I disagree with the first part of this. Ethernet works off differential signals and the transformer does a good job of removing the common mode signals (non differential) coming down the wire. Without the magnetics the common mode signals (such as DC, mains interference, Radio 2 transmissions) picked up by a potentially long ethernet lead will turn up at the input to the ethernet phy (receiver) chip. This may or may not be enough to stop it from working depending on the interference received. The lack of correct voltage biasing (also done via the magnetics) will very likely stop it from working though. Even so the RX and TX won't be shorted.

+ - The Fallout from a Flickr DMCA Takedown

Submitted by
Maddog Batty
Maddog Batty writes "Dave Gorman ( ) a UK comic and Flickr user recently received a DMCA takedown notice for one of his own pictures (copy ) which had become rather popular — 160,000 views + lots of comments. The takedown was in error (from a porn company) and Flickr allowed him to repost the image. However, the fallout ( ) is that all the original comments are now lost and the many links to the original picture are now broken. Sure Flickr needed to remove the image, but surely there should be a way to reinstate it keeping all the original comments and links?"

Comment: Re:Perhaps study these treatments scientifically? (Score 1) 566

by Maddog Batty (#39252663) Attached to: Growth of Pseudoscience Harming Australian Universities

Studies have repeatedly shown that prayer helps in hospital situations. Why? Maybe people just feel comforted or a sense that somebody cares about them and wants them to make it. What's the scientific explanation? I haven't seen a good one. But more people recover and have less complications.

Show me a double blind experiment which shows prayers work? Properly conducted double blind experiments has shown that prayer does not work. The experiments which do show a result, the patient knows that they are being prayed for and/or are doing the praying themselves. Sure it may help these people but this is due to the ritual causing the person to self heal. No super power is involved at all.

If you disagree and think prayer does work in the double blind, go and speak to and he will give you $1million when you succeed.

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