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Comment Multiple Copies (Score 1) 446

Multiple copies will probably be the best solution. Just like redundancy with storage involves multiple devices, your backup should simply be the same.
Tape storage is probably the better choice for long term "offline" data. So having 3 backups in different locations would probably give you the best ability to restore later on.

Comment Hope for future treatment (Score 1) 140

My daughter was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in July of this year. she is currently in her second round of chemotherapy.
I doubt whether she will be given the opportunity of being part of this research, but I am really glad that there are continuing advancements happening in this field.

And as a personal point of pride, my son (age 15) was tested, and confirmed as a match for stem cell therapy this weekend ! He agreed without hesitation to help his sister.

Submission + - Linux Solution for Video Feeds

MadX writes: After having come back from a rowing regatta, I found that the most frustrating part was the inability to see the skullers actually taking off at the 1000m and 2000m marks, and only seeing the end of the race (sitting at the finish line)

Now these are not "national" events and as always, finances are tight.
Is it at all possible to come up with a Linux based solution for providing a video feed from the marshall boats, that can be displayed on a projector at the finish line ?

Comment Re:Missing wires (Score 2) 183

I can confirm. I have seen where cables were laid, and while they are busy trying to terminate - 2 kilometers down the road, they are busy digging it up. So at the end of the day, despite wireless being slow, it still becomes the data delivery method of choice. Also, there is a single entity that realy "owns" the majority of cables (Telkom), and they are resisting pressure to reduce pricing.

So the private firms use wireless, because it frees them from having to rely on a state owned enterprise that controls all hardwired connections outside of your building(s).

Comment The Pi - overpriced on this side of the pond (Score 2) 142

Coming from South Africa, I am disappointed that the Rasberry Pi is so expensive. Hopefully these boards will be better priced here ..

I had a ticket in the "queue" to order an RPi. When my turn came - would cost R 650-00 (Dollar was around 8.42 at the time so close to $ 80 USD) - I passed.

Submission + - What is the capacity of your primary HDD on your PC ?

MadX writes: This article from 2011 (,13118.html) said that the average hdd was 590 Gigs, yet these days, people talk about a 64/128GB SSD for the primary disk. Granted, most users will have their additional storage running into terabytes, but will we ultimately see a decline in the core disk requirement for PC's ?

Comment Many choices (Score 2) 573

There are really a *lot* of distributions to choose from. It really boils down to what you want to do with the desktop. Ubuntu (I use it, but not overly happy with the unity interface), fedora, SuSE, even the "lesser known" distributions all have pretty intuitive installers and interfaces.

But I cannot stress the benefit of joining a local Linux User Group. There are a lot of guys that will help you gain a better understanding of what you are actually doing - instead of copy/paste/panic (what the hell did I just do ??). You need to know WHY things work the way they do.

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