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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 261

I see..

So was changing the focus from Hillary maliciously attacking victims of Bill's sexcapades to Bill and everyone else having affairs supposed to distract from the issue of Hillary or do you just like talking about people having sex? I mean Bill cheating on Hillary doesn't really matter outside of her not being able to satisfy Bill or that he tried to escape often. And that could explain her being bitter but i don't think it excuses her.

Oh, and speaking of sex and they all do it. Did you know that the Watergate break in was claimed to be about gathering evidence on a prostitution ring run by the DNC in attempts to get donations by 2 of the 5 convicted participants? This was before the funding from Cuba story and G Gordon Liddy used to tell of sex parties at DNC fundraisers on his radio show which segmented into his claims about the prostitution ring.

Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 366

I keep telling my wife that this is why I want to install a really loud air horn in my car, think semi truck loud, but she says no.

Years ago, I had a '77 Civic wagon in which the previous owner had installed a truck horn with a big yellow button on the dash. Since he also had disconnected the regular horn, I'd have to use that when the driver in front of me wasn't paying attention at a stop light. I'd get some pretty interesting reactions.

I don't know why he would have installed such a loud horn on the car, but it was probably because the original equipment was barely a little squeak.

Comment Re:Open source SCO (Score 1) 199

With all the money Darl and his brother sucked out of that company they never need to work again. His "business model" was to start a case that could not be won, give the legal work to his brother's firm, string it out for max legal fees then take a golden parachute. Not a nice guy. I've got no idea why anyone other than a crony would every employ him.

Well, that's the problem with corporate Capitalism. It works great until you run out of other people's money.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 531

Back in the 90s, we tried welfare reform and part of that was a welfare to work program that as a condition to benefits the receiver had to participate in job training/searches or report to a location for a certain amount of time per week (presumably to establish a work like schedule and pattern of attendance ).

It was short lived with claims of slavery, lawsuits, under funding and all sorts of resistance. I'm not exactly sure what did it in but the only real remnants that remained after a few months was time limits on benefits payout and a shell of retraining opportunities.

This has essentially been tried and rejected.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 531

There is a lot of truth in that statement. Unfortunately "none of the above" decided not to run this time and people who fit the less than two brain cells mold seem to be front and center in force (see GP for example ).

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