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User Journal

Journal: The Great Circle of Life

Journal by MadMorf

When you reach middle age, a lot of things seem to hold more significance.

Especially the death of a long-time pet.

Emily (Kittenson. Go ahead and chuckle) has been my girlfriend's constant companion for the last 19 years. She died this past Saturday, after a short period of illness, in the comfort of her own bed, with her faithful owner/friend stroking her head and talking about the adventures they had over the last 19 years.

We should all be so lucky.

Goodnight Emily Kittenson, wherever you are.

User Journal

Journal: Dead Languages

Journal by MadMorf

Lately I've been thinking of friends who are finding it difficult or impossible to find work after being laid-off.

In particular, my friends who are VAX/VMS experts.
On the whole, they are mostly clueless when it comes to any operating system other than VMS.

These are intelligent people, how could they not have seen the train coming?

Is VMS so brain-cycle intensive they couldn't afford to spend the time to pick up some other skills?

I started off as a Netware guy, but have picked up Windows skills, because I needed to work. I still work in a mixed Netware/Windows environment, but it's becoming more Windows and less Netware all the time.

Of the six people I know who were VMS admins, 2 have left IT and the other 4 are still looking for work after being unemployed for more than 1 year. And this, in a supposedly improving economy...

I feel for them, but maybe this is Darwinism in action...

User Journal

Journal: Ugh. Early mornings at the local IT shop.

Journal by MadMorf

So, after already working 44 hours in a 4 day week, I'm back at work at O-Dark 30 on a Saturday to put in at least another 6.

After 24 years in the IT biz I'm beginning to tire of it somewhat...

I don't have it so bad compared to some. At least as an hourly contractor I'm making big cash on weeks like this.

But I have to wonder, is it getting better or worse?

Seems like I'm always playing the role of destroyer. My previous 3 contracts, covering the last 6 years of my life, have been spent tearing down systems so someONE else can put in someTHING else.

This may be a bit over the top, but it reminds me of Robert Oppenheimer saying "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds..."

User Journal

Journal: Frist Post! 1

Journal by MadMorf


Bill Frist that is...

What kind of doctor can claim with a straight face that a woman can get pregnant by masturbating.


With your bare hands?!?