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Comment: Re:what is the time out for steam? (Score 1) 581 581

I'm not sure if it varies from game to game, but I've got steam on my current PC and the old PC that it replaced. For kicks and giggles, I fired the old PC up (not connected to network/internet) and was able to play the Steam games (Batman Arkham Asylum/Arkham City/Dragon's Age/Etc...) without any hassle beyond the 'Play Offline' prompt. The last time that PC was turned on was over a year ago.

Comment: Re:Another one for the fire (Score 1) 1174 1174

Except there is a difference between "I, personally, disagree with your bigoted hate speech and choose to spend my money with artists that support gender/race/ethnic equality" and "I think what you are doing is morally/ethically wrong and choose to support initiatives that deny you equal rights and opportunities." That's especially true when the latter is couched in rhetoric designed to dehumanize a specific segment of the population.

Comment: OSC has the right to say what he wants (Score 5, Insightful) 1174 1174

But every artist's marketability is, to a greater or lesser degree, dependent upon his or her popularity. The consumers of his product have every right to express their displeasure by boycotting his work or any collective work to which he contributes.

Comment: Author James P. Hogan used this theory (Score 2) 102 102

In his Giant Star novels, if I recall correctly. The great breakthrough in physics by the aliens was the understanding that gravity was a consequence of particles decaying rather than through the standard Einstein model. Kind of puts a torpedo through that aspect of the books.

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