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Comment: Wont someone think of the cows? (Score 1) 170

by MadMcMan (#26666057) Attached to: Power In Scotland From Tides and Whiskey

And reader Mike writes "Here's something to raise a glass to: recently the Rothes consortium of whiskey and scotch distillers announced that they have partnered with Helius Energy to install a power plant fueled entirely by whiskey by-products. The completed plant will use biomass cogeneration to convert draff and pot ale from the distillery into 7.2 MW of electricity -- enough to power 9,000 homes."

but they generally use the draff for cattle feed! poor cows wont be getting any lovely whisky food!


FBI Issues Code Cracking Challenge 222

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the test-your-skillz dept.
coondoggie writes to tell us that the FBI has issued another cracking challenge for a new cipher on their site. Tens of thousands responded to a similar challenge last year. In addition to the challenge, the FBI is also offering a few primers on the subject. There are a number of sites offering cipher challenges, but it's funny to see the FBI encouraging such behavior.

+ - Do companies put enough back into Open Source?->

Submitted by
MadMcMan writes "Everyone likes something for free, but open source is free as in freedom not as in beer. Lots of companies use open source software and many put a lot back into the open source world but just how much do they put back? What ethical issues are there when a "leecher" takes the work of others, without giving back, how is detrimental is it to the open source movement? Nektra (a software company that currently have 3 of their products under open source licenses) discuss this issue on their blog. http://blog.nektra.com/main/2008/11/11/open-source-software/"
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+ - Argentine judges vanish celebs. from Internet->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Since 2006, Internet users in Argentina have been blocked from searching for information about some of country's most notable individuals. Over 100 people have successfully secured temporary restraining orders that direct Google and Yahoo! Argentina to scrub the results of search queries. The list of censorship-seeking celebrities includes judges, public officials, models and actors, as well as the world-cup soccer star and national team head coach Diego Maradona.

Try it yourself — compare the results for a Yahoo! Argentina search for Diego Maradona (0 results) to a search at Yahoo! Mexico and Google Argentina (both with millions of results)."

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+ - The truth about Google Chrome using Spy Studio.->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "http://blog.nektra.com/main/2008/10/15/the-truth-about-google-chrome-using-spy-studio/ Everyone has a lot of questions about Chrome. Some people say that it is spyware because each and every character you enter is sent to Google but is it? Who is correct? What kind of information is really traveling between Chrome and Google? What data about you is being sent to the web? Is it true that Google's browser sends details about everything you do? Is it an unsafe browser? What happens behind Incognito mode? Spying on Google Chrome with Spystudio we can monitor exactly what is transmitted between Google and your desktop whilst running chrome."
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