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Comment: Filter for EU searches. (Score 1) 224

The links are not actually deleted from Google, but only filtered for searches done from the EU.

So searches done from outside the EU can still see these links.

So this is actually worse than what we had before. Now Google is filtering ... uh ... censoring search results for some countries.

From the internet this content but do not disappear with it. Also just Google users should get displayed the filtered results in the European Union. Users outside the Member States, ie approximately in the United States should continue to get displayed the complete hit list. In this case, Google will note the language setting of the user.

Google Translate is bad, but you get the gist.

Comment: Re:As an inhabitant of EU it is simple (Score 1) 197

by MadMaverick9 (#46264491) Attached to: German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Guess you never heard about:

All root servers are located in Europe.

And my guess is you never heard about this one either:

Oh yeah - I forgot. For Germany's Angela Merkel this is all "Neuland" - Undiscovered Country.

Comment: US Requirement??? (Score 1) 228

by MadMaverick9 (#45825627) Attached to: US Requirement For Software Dev Certification Raises Questions

US "Requirement"?

This is a joke, right?

You have lost your moral high ground. You are not in a position anymore to demand or require anything from other people or other countries. And this includes certain western european countries as well.

Comment: Re:Three Strikes Laws in the US (Score 1) 133

by MadMaverick9 (#44806209) Attached to: Research Shows "Three Strikes" Anti-piracy Laws Don't Work

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you are working for someone else.