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Comment: Plot? (Score 0) 464

by MadDogX (#31686720) Attached to: Will Smith In For <em>Independence Day 2</em> &amp; <em>3</em>
I would really like to know what the sequels will be about. I mean, at the end of the first one the "entire civilization" of evil aliens was defeated and the planet was littered with dozens of crashed city killer ships. Oh wait, I can see it now: "Independence Day 2: The Great Spring Cleaning" That shit's gonna take a while to clear up, I tell you. Maybe they should bring in WALL-E and his pals.

Comment: Re:Pro / cons (Score 0) 2424

by MadDogX (#31566214) Attached to: House Passes Massive Medical Insurance Bill, 219-212

Republicans are opposed because it's socialism. The same kind of socialism that drove the economies of North Korea and Soviet Russia into the ground.

This will not end well.

Yeah. Just like when the National Health Service was created in the UK over 60 years ago. If only someone had stopped it, the UK wouldn't have devolved into one of those horrible socialist tyrannies, stricken with poverty and... oh, wait...

Comment: "Google is being... upfront about its intentions" (Score 1, Funny) 219

by MadDogX (#27149493) Attached to: Google To Monitor Surfing Habits For Ad-Serving
But of course they are! Just like any good villain, they are telling us all about their evil plans right before they feed us to the sharks with frikkin lasers on their heads. If you ask me, this is absolute proof of Googles pure und utter fiendishness. We're doomed!

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