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Comment Re:100 gbps isn't that fast (Score 1) 47

Terahertz signals would only reach 10's to maybe 100 meters, AND they're blocked by metal or water.
(i.e. a human standing next to the router might cause significant signal loss). Probably good enough
for indoor use, though --- at 100 gbps you could afford to retransmit lost packets.

Comment Begun, the Class Wars Have... (Score 5, Informative) 921

FTA: "You [i.e. rich hipster techies] are killing this city!"

It may have ostensibly been about privacy, but clearly it was also about resentment towards tech-industry aristos displacing everyone else,
with their private busses and their artisanal vodkas and fancy gadgets and most of all their ability to pay obscene rents and stay in The City
rather than commuting in from Gilroy.

Comment Re:Overreach (Score 4, Insightful) 366

This is all about small time investors and the attitude that somebody with a spare hundred dollars is incapable of being able to make an informed decision about a potential investment opportunity.

Sounds more like the attitude that somebody with a spare hundred dollars should give the government $12 before they do anything else with it..

Comment Re:Big Data (Score 1) 86

I can't believe I'm reading stuff like this from people on Slashdot of all places.

Why can't my washing machine/dryer/microwave send my cellphone an alert when it's done and I'm in another room?

Why can't I turn on the lights at home from the grocery store so I don't have to carry my groceries in while it's dark?

Why can't I turn on the jacuzzi during a rough day at work so it's ready when I get home?

... etc.

Why can't hackers turn my microwave/dryer/jacuzzi heater on when I'm not home and burn up the heating elements (and possibly my house)?
Why can't they open the blinds and windows while I am in my undergarments?
Why can't they set my fridge to 70 degrees and spoil all my food (then set it back down to normal before I get home, so I won't know until I eat the food) ?
Why can't they turn the sprinklers on and flood my backyard?
Why can't they make my lights randomly flash on and off at 2AM to annoy me (while the surround-sound blasts Barry Manilow and ignores my volume remote) ?

Comment Re:At which point (Score 1) 504

The reason why US politics is like this nowadays is because bribery is legal. ...To fix that and many other problems, we first need to get money out of politics

We can't get money out of politics when voters keep voting for whoever spends the most on television advertisements.
God forbid voters actually read about the candidates, from sources that don't just echo their current views back to them.

Comment Re:H1B working as intended. (Score 1) 195

A company's sole purpose is to increase shareholder value; as defined by the shareholders. Some companies include things beyond a financial return, or believe being socially responsible results in greater returns; but in any case they driver is still shareholder value and shareholders ultimately vote with their wallets.


A sane company's purpose should be to:

Provide a good or service that delights customers.
Make enough money doing it that they can fairly compensate their suppliers and employees.
Put most of the remaining profits back into long-term investments.
Borrow from (and repay) shareholders as little as possible.

We lost sight of that a few decades ago, which is why our economy remains in the crapper.
We won't be able to fix it until we realize that customers and employees are more important than short-term shareholders.

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