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Comment University Fees (Score 3, Interesting) 230

Meanwhile, other countries offer free (as in beer) University / College tuition to all students who qualify academically. Maybe if they didn't piss so much money up against the walls of their sporting facilities - and did their job of imparting knowledge to future engineers, scientists, etc, and not service as a training ground for the professional sporting organizations, they might have more money for their academic function.

Comment You are all just programming technicians (Score 1) 637

So, you "I'm the real programmer because I program in C" types... tell me, how will having to handle memory management and all the crufty bits help you when you get a real work problem, and deal with a bunch of users who really don't know what they want their system to do, or you have to deal with management who have no idea what IT can do. When your requirements keep changing, but the deadline can't shift. When you have to take a poorly written system, and adapt it to the new business environment - but you don't have the time, budget or resources to rewrite from scratch. Get your collective heads out of your "this is what real programming is" arsehole. Thirty years ago, the same was said about people who programmed in BASIC or COBOL vs those who coded in Fortran or Assembler. You're just a bunch of irrelevant elitist snobs.

Comment Re:Safe Harbour (Score 1) 428

And what about that US law (its called the Constitution) which states:

No person ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;

"Due process" generally involves a court of law, where the prosecution has put put their case, and is subject to cross examination - none of that took places, as required by US law.

Comment For once, I agree with RMS (Score 1) 1452

I never drank the Apple kool-aid. I used a Mac once, back in the mid 1980's, and after a week, it started to piss me off - it treated me as if I was a computer imbecile, that didn't need to know what was going on behind the flashy interface. To those that believe in the cult of Jobs - that Apple produces were the pinnacle of what technology could offer - I'm sorry, but they were just another computer, running just another point and drool interface.

About time someone realized that the emperor has no clothes.

Comment What part of the Bible to believe? (Score 1) 1014

I am always amazed my "Christians" that climb desperately to the Old Testament - that's the bible of a non-christian religion - Judaism. It's tenets and doctrine doesn't apply to a Christian - the fundamental way a Jew received salvation was by following the "Law" - which is contradictory to what Jesus said - "I am the way the truth and the life - no one gets to the father by through me". So, there's 39 books that can be removed from the Christian Scripture. And the epistles - why should the writings of some of the early church leaders (Paul, et al) given the same status as the record of Christ's life and teaching? There's another 21 books that can be removed. And Revelation - that should go too.

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