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Comment Re:Three Years? (Score 1) 225

Two meals a day, you can go over a week and a half without eating the same main meal. That's not including the breakfast or cold-weather varieties and completely discounting the variable drops for accessories in each menu. There really is quite a bit of variability.

Now, that being said, you're not going to care what it tastes like after you have the cheese on day 1 and haven't crapped by day 4.

Comment Re:Wacky thinking (Score 1) 430

It does not hurt you for someone to believe that the world was created by a flying spaghetti monster or aliens or green mold. It does not hurt anyone that people want to believe that invisible space monkeys have a plan for them that involves them giving food to the poor. It does not hurt anyone if someone wants to believe that the world magically sprung into being cause their invisible magic man cried or something.

While those specific examples are apparently harmless in themselves, if the belief construct someone uses as their guide urges them to serve as the mobile deployment device for a significantly energetic chemical reaction (as an example), I would argue that their belief system had a direct impact on my well being.

In a similar vein, if a belief system urges an individual to goodness (charity, empathy, etc) as well as evil (restriction to medicine, equal treatment, etc), I think it would be inappropriate in the extreme to "accept the good with the bad" and remain silent out of respect; these qualities need to be publicly separated, the greatness lauded and the evil stamped out.

Comment Set to be replaced by "free market" spin jobs and (Score 2) 25

Great... my first cuppa read through of the overnight happenings is defunct and the first email I get is from the army times touting their "alternative". But why would we want the soldier caste to have a nonpartisan/independent run-down of the news? FML...

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