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Comment: Re:Rolls Royce of cat litter boxes (Score 1) 188

by MachineShedFred (#48657941) Attached to: An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM

It depends on who's paying.

BMWs come with one hell of a service plan. If it's under warranty, then it goes to the stealership where BMW USA can pay for whatever, and you get a nice loaner to drive around until they're done. If it's off warranty, yeah - take it to someone who charges reasonably, does quality work, and does it quickly.

Comment: Re:Lost His Balls (Score 1) 76

More than that, his "Steven Colbert" act (that's what it is - an act) is just being a contrarian. He'll be the first to say that his entire interviewing style is to be disinterested in whoever it is that is there, and to just argue with them with the absolute most ridiculous contrary statements he can think of. He, in fact, tells his guests this before any cameras are turned on in order to let them have some fun with it too - he genuinely wants his guests to have a great time when they appear, and thus warns them that this is how the act goes.

That show was never meant to have "integrity" of any sort, and the GP is an idiot.

Comment: Re:Can't find anything on Youtube anymore (Score 1) 76

and throws the concept of designing your own DVR out the window.

Tell that to the tiny PC I have hooked up to my TV that is better than any DVR equipment I've ever received from a cable or satellite provider, and has an equipment cost of $6/month for the CableCARD.

There are several spin-your-own-DVR solutions out there, you just have to play the game. No, you can't use YouTube as your DVR; and that's not "designing your own DVR" anyway.

Comment: Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 220

Apparently convincing movie theaters not to show a bad movie that they probably didn't want to have to show anyway with a vague threat of violence after cracking Sony's network (yeah, like that hasn't been done before) makes you a superpower.

The theater chains were probably looking for any excuse not to show that thing but not get left out of the next Sony release they actually do want to screen. This way, Sony eats the shit sandwich rather than the theaters. Also known as "the way it should be if you make bad movies."

Comment: Re:Solution is End Federal Ban (Score 1) 482

by MachineShedFred (#48634247) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

They would also now need to add Oregon and Alaska. And when even more of these laws pass, they would need to add them too. And don't forget medical use states - need an exemption for all of them too.

At the end of the day, you're just going to have a massive jumble-fuck of legalese that nobody understands. Just do away with the Federal blanket ban already and let States decide, since that's what is happening right now anyway.

Comment: Re:"Legal Pot" is a total fiction (Score 1) 482

by MachineShedFred (#48634153) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

What could be interesting is what happens if the next President decides to enforce Federal law in Colorado / Washington / Oregon / Alaska, and if someone makes an 8th Amendment case saying it is "cruel and unusual" to enforce laws at the whim of the Executive.

That could be a precedent that causes repealing of a whole lot of so-called "blue laws" that go unenforced, or just ridiculous laws like Indiana declaring "The value of Pi is 3."

Well, if we're lucky.

Comment: Re:Enforcing pot laws is big business (Score 2) 482

by MachineShedFred (#48633093) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

How is it hard to harass someone on drug charges, if they are not using or possessing drugs at the time of a police stop?

"Can I search your vehicle / bag?"

"Affording my constitutional rights, No."

Now the police either has to show a judge probable cause to get a warrant, or they let you go. So called "reasonable suspicion" doesn't even work because there has to be some form of evidence for that - if you don't have dilated pupils, slurred speech, or loss of coordination / balance they don't have that either.

Know your rights, and exercise them, and most cops don't get to play their cop games. If they do it anyway, you've got a nice legal settlement coming from the city / county / state.

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