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Comment: Re:Shameful (Score 1) 225

California practically doesn't use coal power at all. Less than 8% of their generation in 2013 was from coal, and only 4.3% of that less than 8% actually is generated in the State of California - the rest comes from the Boardman coal generating station in Oregon, or from other states in the southwest.

Take you're "man of the people" act and try somewhere else, preferably where Google (and facts) don't exist.

Comment: Re:Woop Di Do Da! (Score 4, Informative) 225

Not only that, but when you say 5%, it sounds rather small.

When taking a look at the actual numbers behind the percentages, it's a bit more dramatic. In 2013, California generated and used 296,628 GWh of energy on their grid, according to this. If energy usage was flat (not likely) than solar is now generating 14,831.4 GWh of energy in California alone.

That's hardly nothing, and definitely not "whoop de do da."

Comment: Re:Web developer headache? (Score 1) 122

by MachineShedFred (#49380735) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

It sounds like they are the perfect candidate for the "Compatibility View List" GPO options available with IE 11 - you can define a list of URLs that should open in IE8 compatibility mode, where everything else runs on IE 11.

It almost fixes bad web sites that are engineered to work with IE8 and nothing else... almost.

Comment: Re:Approx. every other version of Windows is shit. (Score 1) 122

by MachineShedFred (#49380621) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

The user interface being set automatically to a touch interface on devices without any touchscreen is idiotic.

Even worse is the polluting of the server products with the same garbage. I don't need, nor want, live tiles on my domain controller. I can't "tap" things, or "bezel swipe" a "charm bar" on a damn VM.

Comment: Re:And why not? (Score 1) 210

Yes, there are smaller accidents that were below the threshold of my comment, and I didn't say you were a supporter of coal, but coal is the incumbent generation technology for baseload. Trashing the other baseload alternatives is effectively a vote for coal, which spews persistent poisons into people, animals, and waterways during successful normal operations; as opposed to nuclear energy which only causes environmental harm during an emergency or accident, and eventually the radioactive harm decays, over varying amounts of "eventually."

Is nuclear perfect? Oh, hell no. The companies that run these things need to be bitchslapped by a regulatory agency that is actually willing to bitchslap them. Personally, I'd be happy if the government drafted all the technicians and engineers that operate the ~100 commercial reactors into the US Navy, who has a good operational record of LOTS of nuclear reactors.

Would I be happier if we could go 100% wind / solar / biomass / geothermal? You're damn right I would be, since I work for a company that installs solar nationwide, and my stock options and restricted shares would make me rich in the process. But it's not realistic at this time - you need something to be exciting electrons when the sun is on the other side of the planet while the wind is calm, and I'd rather it isn't coal.

Comment: Re:Oh look - it's 'Climatedot' again... (Score 1) 210

Regardless of if man-made climate change is real or not, can't we all get behind the idea that continually spewing burned-up mountain into the air is bad? Do you not believe that the elevated levels of airborne particulate downwind of coal-fired generation is something we should get rid of in favor of cleaner technology?

Climate change is not the only reason to stop converting mountains into dirty air that kills people.

Comment: Re:Fukushima and Chernobyl not worse case failures (Score 1) 210

It's true that it no longer just goes up the stacks and into the air, but it still goes somewhere - the amazingly toxic ash ponds. Which, by the way, are not exactly the safest and most sequestered thing ever. One dam breaks, and you've destroyed a river ecosystem, as happened in Tennessee.

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