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Comment Re:Let it be known! (Score 1) 388

Yeah, nobody in Ohio cares. At least, nobody that isn't bat-shit crazy already.


Someone who until recently lived just off of Harrison Ave. (named for either William Henry Harrison or Benjamin Harrison, as they both lived in the area and both were Presidents), in southwest Ohio.

Leave us out of it - it's the dipshit politicians that are raising a stink.

Comment Re:Let's see ... (Score 1) 388


As a resident of Ohio, I can formally tell you that we don't give a shit either. William McKinley doesn't even have crap named after him here like other Ohioan presidents do (Taft, Grant, Harrison [both W. H. Harrison and Benjamin], Hamilton, Garfield, etc.). In fact, if there's anything that was named for Rutherford B. Hayes, you can rename that shit back to whatever it was before, too.

This is an issue of importance only to douchebag politicians, and people that actually live in Alaska.

Comment Re: "There are no comments." (Score 4, Interesting) 388

Well, for one thing, Mount McKinley was just named that by some asshole during William McKinley's Presidential campaign, and somehow it took. It was still 'Denali' right up until Woodrow Wilson established McKinley National Park when the name was made official. There's no historical reason for naming that particular mountain after William McKinley, who's sole contribution to Alaskan history basically involves not offering to sell it back to Russia (who, while owning Alaska, named the mountain "Bolshaya Gora" which means "Big Mountain").

Of all the things to get upset about, this just isn't one of them.

Someone sitting in Ohio right now, where we're supposed to be all fired up and angry about a mountain that bore the name of an Ohioan President being renamed by Presidential fiat.

Comment Re: Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 206

You are also a member of a small minority based on your requirements. Nothing wrong with that at all, and clearly an iPhone doesn't satisfy those requirements. I'm glad you found a device that did.

I don't understand why Slashdot can't figure out that the type of people that frequent this site have very different requirements than other people, and that all devices must not meet the superset of requirements found here and elsewhere.

It's a damn tool, like a socket set. If the socket set doesn't have the specialty socket you need for some relatively low-frequency job but another does, get the other one. Only when we start talking about electronics do we start to see this zealotry and irrational nonsense.

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