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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 4, Funny) 1133

And someone looking to shoot at people is not going to be deterred by a Class-C felony weapons charge.

"You know, I was going to shoot 25 people and get gunned down by police / incarcerated for the rest of my life, but that 15-day jail sentence for the weapons charge is just too much of a risk to take."

Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 2) 122

Probably market dynamics. Google doesn't have relationships directly with carriers except for with the Nexus devices. The carriers deal with the OEMs, and the OEMs deal with Google. Google has all the muscle, and none of the standing to get it done. The OEMs have none of the muscle, but all of the standing.

As Apple plays both the part of Google and OEM in their ecosystem, they have both the muscle and standing.

Comment Re:DNS redirect poisoning anyone? (Score 1) 208

Users editing host files?

If we're talking about security, that starts with making sure your users can't just edit system files as they please. This is true for all platforms, ever; and possible on all current platforms up to and including Windows.

If some shit website that a user clicks on can just patch a DLL because you gave them admin, why the hell are you arguing about the damn hosts file?

Comment Re:I use this to annihilate you (Score 2) 208

Even though it's wildly off-topic, I guess I'm wondering why you would bother with a host file on each machine versus something at your router - just null-route the shit you would usually put in your host file and be done with it for the whole network at once.

But I guess maintaining a hosts file on hundreds of machines gives you something to do besides AC stalk people on Slashdot?

Comment Re: What does the retailer need? (Score 1) 105

What's hilarious, is that I've seen the chip reader terminals everywhere, but I've only seen one where the chip reader was activated. Also: only have received a chipped card from Amex. Still haven't gotten one from Chase for either my debit card or my credit card, so I'm doubtful that deadline (two days from now) will be met without extension.

Comment Re:Boehner QA (Score 3, Insightful) 404

Great. So the new guy elected Speaker either does the same out of the necessity to keep the government functional at any level, or completely destroys the Republican brand with a new completely unnecessary shutdown which only ends when he capitulates anyway.

We've seen this before, and it won't work. Boehner was right to get out now.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 2, Interesting) 404

Yeah, or he was trying to do that thing called 'governing.'

After the elections are over, the Congress needs to actually work together and compromise in order to enact legislation to keep government working. You can't just stamp your feet and demand you always get your way - that's not governing, and results in the completely dysfunctional shitty government we have today.

Oh, I know what you're thinking: "I'd rather have a gridlocked government than one that passes this socialist marxist yadda blah blah" - keep thinking that and being part of the problem. Enjoy never seeing a conservative elected to the Presidency again.

Comment Re:Happens to every vehicle (Score 1) 618

Yeah, no.

This isn't a heavy foot. This is a completely different ECU operating profile that is switched on based upon sensor feedback, which either activates emissions equipment that results in less horsepower / less fuel economy, or de-tunes the engine in order to comply with emissions regulations.

40x the NOx emissions isn't "just gets outside the ideal curve".

Comment Re:Single line of code? (Score 1) 618

The stock has tanked because there are two possible outcomes:

1. A very public and expensive recall where they overhaul the emissions system and retain the advertised performance on 11,000,000 vehicles
2. A very public and inexpensive recall where they patch the ECU to keep the emissions systems active at all times, reducing performance, and opening themselves to a massive class action lawsuit over truth in advertising (engine not capable of advertised performance anymore) from 11,000,000 customers.

Either way, this is very public, and very expensive for VW. Also, auto manufacturers trade on their brand, and brand is built through trust. They just got caught lying and cheating, which is the fastest way to destroy trust there is.

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