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Comment: Re:Implementation not the technology. (Score 1) 151

by MachineShedFred (#48612717) Attached to: In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional

Why the hell would I want to tell an organization that is more focused on their actual business that they need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build up a datacenter over weeks / months worth of time when I can literally do it myself using Chef / Puppet and Amazon EC2 in a few days, and we're not on the hook for any hardware maintenance or replacement in the future?

The business gets to keep focus on the business without the overhead of running a whole datacenter including power, cooling, wiring, real estate, countless admins, service contracts for hardware and network gear, construction costs, built-in costs for future hardware replacement and scaling, etc. etc.

There's a reason why lots of people are following Amazon into this space. It's possible to do things right, and to do it cheaper. And you are far more agile in needs should you be successful by pairing their load balancing services with something like Chef or Puppet. Oh, and just do your offsite backup out of "the cloud" to a box at your office, and an off-site at a regional or whatever.

Yes, there's some risk associated with the "Amazon / Microsoft / RackSpace / Whoever fucked up", but it's far more likely they'll figure it out and get it back up and running far faster than if the same fuckup occurs within your private datacenter, because datacenter is their business while the company I'm working for cannot say the same.

Comment: Re:Could be a great update! (Score 1) 115

by MachineShedFred (#48572821) Attached to: FreeNAS 9.3 Released

I'm still running 8.3.2 because all 9.x versions have had a nasty kernel panic bug in the 3Ware 9660 drivers that apparently I'm the only one experiencing. So I'll stick with it until I need to rebuild and import the ZFS pool. The hardware is a bit old anyway (and was super cheap when obtained off eBay), so it's probably almost time.

Yes, the same bug exists in FreeBSD - I tried that too.

Comment: Re:The back slapping on this mission... (Score 1) 197

Yeah, who cares that it is completely new hardware. We already did this under vaguely similar circumstances on Apollo 7, so clearly Orion doesn't require testing in high orbit to make sure that it was safe to stuff 4 people inside, and return without them being baked to a crisp from a radiation shield not being adequate, or the heat shield failing and causing the whole thing to turn into a rapidly expanding fireball.

Because it worked on a spacecraft that we're not operating anymore, therefore we never need to do it again!

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