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Comment: Re:Why it did not go further (Score 1) 126

You mean like this?

Samsung's response to this testing: "You're bending it wrong."

I'm not even kidding. They told SquareTrade to test it differently, as if that somehow invalidates the bent ones they have laying around the lab.

Comment: Re:Here's a better idea (Score 1) 596

There's bigger problems than that with what he's proposing here, like the fact that Oregon is between Washington and California.

Oregon doesn't like massive pipelines of stuff spanning their state - they don't even like the pipelines if they get a piece of the action, such as the proposed LNG terminal on the coast.

Better file this under "Good Luck With that."

Comment: Re:DoE loan... (Score 1) 114

Yeah, because the government absolutely did not get paid back the principle, did not get the interest on the loan, and absolutely is not collecting further taxes from the company, it's sales, it's employee salaries, or it's investments.

Or, they did get all of those things, and everyone is better off - including the so-called struggling average Joes.

This is actually a case of "corporate welfare" where it worked.

Comment: Re:And Microsoft 'saved' Apple... (Score 2) 114

Everyone seems to forget that Apple had a smoking gun in the $1B+ QuickTime vs. Windows Media lawsuit, and one of the conditions of Gates and Jobs making a deal was cross-licensing all patents.

THAT is what Gates wanted. Jobs needed the cash to keep Apple afloat (which he got far more of by liquidating Apple's holdings in ARM after killing Newton), but also needed the legal squabbles to go away and needed a reason for people to continue buying Mac, and Office was that reason.

One of the reasons NeXT never went anywhere is because Microsoft refused to write Office for NeXTSTEP. Jobs learned from that.

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